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Jan 17, 2004
Dover PA
Okay I got my savage and she is a beauty! Now I got a reloading kit and some 190 grain SMK. But I need some help on powder and primers. Theres alot out there and if you only could buy one for accuracy and not being temp sensitive which powder would that be. Remember she is a 300 win, and I also need primers. Oh and she is not named yet looking for ideas.
I don't plan on making all different kinds of loads just the one that shoots very well. Then I plan on shooting the
out of this rifle and see what we can do with her. Thanks
Thats just my kind of reloading. I load with as few powders as possible. Currently H335 for .308, .243 and .223, H110 for .30 carbine, .357 mag, .44 mag and win 231 for all other pistol loads, and thats it. I have used other powders if they were given to me for oddball or burner ammo but I like to know that my powder is getting cycled through. Furthermore I dont have the money to keep messing with loads.

I would however suggest that you look into Hodgdons new sample sets. You get 4 containers with 4oz of powder each. this lets you try 4 powders for the price of 1 lb. Not a bad idea I must say.

As far as primers go, I have come across the info several times that federal primers are the hottest of their respectable types and since I shoot a powder that speer reccomends a mag primer for, I simply use federal standard primers and call it good enough.

Not that it matters much but 2 weeks ago I shot 3 holes touching through a stock rem VLS in .308 win at 100 yards. Good enough for me. 165 gr SGK over 42 gr of H335 full legnth sizing trimed to legnth with fed 210 primers. No alien technolodgy here.

Just grip it, trip it, and punch it.
i would say h4831 as far powder goes and whatever primer gives the best spreads and accuracy-my-2-dave-kind of a "loaded" question-excuse my pun

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I've had great results latley with R-22 and 190gr bullets , good velocities and low ES's
also H-1000 has always been a good powder for most any big 30's
H-4831 is an extream powder and is not temp sensitive , I've had good results with this powder also but I'm able to get a little more velocity and lower ES with the R-22 , I haven't found it to be temp sensitive , I've shot it from 30deg F to 100deg F and have not experianced any raise in pressure or POI change
Whats an ES?

If it's a she, and it's a beauty, and it's savage then how about "Zena" princess warrior of 2 a.m. TV fame?

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Well I´ve been observing all those powder choices you guys have down there in the USA. I consicer myself lucky to have very limited choices, practically Vihtavuori only.

It can still get too complicated. My advice would be to choose one known powder and bullet and work with it thoroughly, inside out. I´m working on 338LM now and although I usually get best results by using a powder that fills the case, that´s not happening with this caliber. I get very low ES (spread,that is) and there is still some room for more powder in the case.

Good luck,try to keep it simple.
ES , stands for Extreme Spread , which mean the devation between shots , like if you shoot a five shot group and the high vel is 3000 and the low vel is 2980 you have an ES of 20fps , the lower the ES generaly the better the gun groups.
I think that R-22 gives such good ES because if fills the case well , Nosler#5 has 75.5gr of R-22 filling the case to 98% , generaly the fuller you can get the case the more accurate the load is.
H-4831 fills the case well also and would be a good choice , I've heard of a few guys using the H-4831sc which is the short cut version and having good results
I have been using IMR4350 in my 300 Win, winchester and remington brass, federal magnum primers. I use it for 165gr BT and the new 200 gr accubond. It seems to be temp insenitive and gives an ES of about 50fps. It is nice to know that if I shoot in 90 or 20 degree temps that it chronographs consistently. For some guys 50 fps ES may be too much, but the factory barrel doesn't seem to care, still shoots under 3/4 inch.
I just got me an older Savage in 300 winmag and a friend gave me some RL-22 because he had good results with it.

I think I'm going to try out N560 due to some weather changes here in Texas.
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