Old Brass?


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Dec 3, 2008
Spokane WA.
I have a chance to by 60 .257 wetherby hand loads that a guy got at an estate sale and knows nothing about.

Thay are in some old wetharby boxes with a pic of a tiger on it.

There is a sticker that has 3/14/1967-cci mag primers-120gr sierra-75gr of h570.

I will probaly pull the bullets and empty the powder just want to know if this old brass is still safe to shoot?

I realize that not knowing how many reloads are on it it is tuff to say.

I cant find much on this powder / bullet combo if someone with an old reloading book cood look it up that would be great.
I would all so pull them and dump the powder.the brass should be OK but chamber one to see if it will chamber.if it diesn't chamber then you will have to resize it.and yes to the question the brass should be OK,just give it a good looksee.as long as it was in a dry place I see no reason not to buy it or you can just with your gut feeling.one more thing push out a primer or pop one in the rifel to see if they are still good.if so you should save money on that part.
Nape as long as it doesnt have deep almost rusty looking brown or real dark green spots that you cant just wipe off they will be fine, you can use 100year old brass(within its designed pressures) if it wasnt corroded!
OK, you are going to pull the bullets and dump the powder.
Why not take an extra step and punch the primers (slowly... they can be reused... probably gonna start an arguement there... just my experience) anyway deprime and then anneal the cases to prolong case life.
I have found a way higher percentage of split necks upon firing old brass
I'd certainly check INSIDE each piece as well as outside . Not knowing the history of this brass, you can never tell what its been through in its past, a separated case head would be NO fun. Even in these lean days of obtaining components, I'm very reluctant when it come to loading brass thats not once fired.
Agreeing with Demented. I refuse to pick up rifle brass at a public range or buy "once fired" brass without knowing the source
thanks everyone i will be looking it over real good.

can any one with an old book tell me about this powder / bullet combo?
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