Off Topic: Why can't I see Posted Pix??


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Jun 18, 2001
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Off Topic: Why can\'t I see Posted Pix??

Sorry guys, but lots of great pix being posted that I have never been able to see. I even try to right click on red x to open. Is it me or the pix format?

However I was able to see Les's pix of african critters just fine...

I want to see Daryls lite gun


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Re: Off Topic: Why can\'t I see Posted Pix??



Do you use the "Instant UBB Code" displayed right below the text box where you type in the body of your post? I just did that now and my image comes up just fine. It would be "IMAGE" in the "Instant UBB Code" that you would click on in this case. Then follow the directions shown.

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Re: Off Topic: Why can\'t I see Posted Pix??


Now I tried to get your url from above to work by properly using "IMAGE" button and it doesn't. I ran into this situation for myself a while back when I thought I had found a good alternate hosting site for my images. THe images work on that new site ok but for some reason they don't work in a situation where you try to use the URL in the way we are doing. So...I stopped using that new site (forgot their name). Have you successfully used your current hosting site on any other forum?
Re: Off Topic: Why can\'t I see Posted Pix??

Yes I use the UBB code button all the time except for bold or italic text. It's easier for me to type it in for those cases. But for any pictures I've ever posted or URL I've referecne for others to use I've always used these buttons.

I've never had a problem with displaying my images on here or on other sites either. But I do cheat a little also in that I don't use a hosting service. Being that I'm the webmaster for the NC 1,000yd Club web site and have full admin rights on the server I use disk space on there to put my pictures. That is until they start to run out of disk space and I'll have to find an alternative site. sshhh.

I'll continue to test out different things by editing my post above. If I find something I'll let you know.

Re: Off Topic: Why can\'t I see Posted Pix??

Just did some playing around. I downloaded Darryl's picture and FTP it to my server and it linked fine and displayed fine for me here on your mesaage board. I still get the red X in your post and the others right now down below my first post.

So then I took an image of my own and posted it on webshots after opening a new account for myself. I use "public" acces for my album. You had the option of selecting private and only allowing invited guess to view or public for everyone to view. I thought maybe this was it, but my image would not display from on here even using the "public" selection for my image.

So I would say the bottom line here is: It's not something on your site. It has to be something on these free image hosting boards. I've never had a problem doing it from my server, but can't get the same exact images to display from webshots.

Something for anyone posting to keep in mind when posting images is after you hit the buttom to have your post added. If you go back into it your post your image may display properly right then because the image could be in your browsers "cache" if you had it opened locally before copying it up to a hosting site. Your browsers "cache" keeps local files of visted web pages on hand to help with download speed. The problem is sometimes when you can't get to a particular web page or something it will display the files out of your cache. So you think your looking at a web site when your only viewing files on your local hardrive. It does depend on how your browser is configuraed though.
So after you hit post and it comes up and displays, hit reload on your browser. If it redisplays again then there won't(read.. should!!) be any problems with others viewing it also. If it doesn't then it won't for any body else either. Just something to keep in mind.

Re: Off Topic: Why can\'t I see Posted Pix??

One cure would be to use I haven't had any problem posting or viewing pictures hosted by this site. The only limited factor is you are limited to 40 pictures. Which really isn't much of a factor because if you fill it up you can always create another one just by coming up with a new login name and password. Anyway just a thought. Here's an example.
Re: Off Topic: Why can\'t I see Posted Pix??

Here's what I think is happening. It might have something to do with the naming standards that webshots uses. Specifically with using capitols letters in the name.
I tested it out on my own server and displayed 2 exact images (one was renamed in capitol letters the other in lower case) and they both displayed fine. But if I rename them with a capitol .JPG instead of .jpg they will not display from my server. But I can see them by pasting the URL into my browser and looking at them in both capitol and lower case .jpg extensions.

That's is the only thing I see that stands out right now. Granted the .jpg in Darryl's picture is lower case but it does have capitols letters in the actual file name. Maybe it depends on the web softare on that end to what naming standards they support.

That's my best guess right now. I'll try and keep digging later tonight.

are we having fun yet?

Re: Off Topic: Why can\'t I see Posted Pix??


On your post above you have the history (and evidence) of editing the post about a gazillion times. For you and others you can delete the words "edited by..." from the previous edit while you are doing a new edit. want sympathy for how much effort you are expending in the just cause!
Re: Off Topic: Why can\'t I see Posted Pix??

Thanks Len,
I saw the "edited by" was just plain text earlier, but I was at work and doing a bunch of upgrading of software on some machines. So inbetween all that I just kept jumping back and forth and testing with the intention of cleaning it up later tonight. All gone now.

Still don't have a concrete answer for you though.

But I see Big Sky's hilarious picture of Barney above that displays fine for me and that has caps in the title, so I'm not positive. I'm beginning to second guess my assumption of the caps being the problem. Becasue the forbidden page you get when trying to go to that URL from here means it's can find the whole path and object on webshots, but it specifically gives the whole path and says access denied for that picture. So I say it's on their end. Why I don't know.... yet.

Re: Off Topic: Why can\'t I see Posted Pix??

Hello guys

My pics will come up and stay on as long as I leave the web host site open. As soon as I shut off the computer, the pic that was displayed on LRH site will not be able to open. You have to take the URL numbers and go to it yourself to get the picture up as Steve did.

I have even been sending the pic by Email for those wanting it.

Very frustrating when I get the pics up and on the LRH site, shut down the computer and go back to the site and it's not displayed.

See if this one coms up and stays for a while?
Now it won't come up at all?????

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Re: Off Topic: Why can\'t I see Posted Pix??

I get the red x also. But by right clicking and looking at the properties it displays where the image is located at. Cut/Paste that entire URL and paste it into your browsers address box. hope this helps some as a quick fix until the culprit is unveiled.


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