Off to Alberta for a whitetail hunt

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
It's time again for a road trip. I'm leaving early tomorrow morning for another hunt with Ron Nemetchek of North River Outfitting. Maybe this time I'll get a B&C buck and a wolf or two, we'll see. However it turns out it'll be a long drive and a fun time.

Just like every other trip, I'm stuck in the high speed mode (driving of course, won't fly as I disagree with the "appearances of" security at the airport(s)). I need to be back at work on Wednesday the 4th of Dec and of course can't leave early.

This will be the third week of the hunt's up there, so far this season 3 folks from around here have gone up for whitetail, a 155 class, a 150 and a 145 (all plus or minus a few inches of course). There was a 203 inch shot in the zone I'm going into and this week (reported by guides) there have been reports of several hunters missing on 200 class deer (that'd be a bitter pill to swallow).

Here's a refresher of my last season buck, I'll try to do better this year!


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WoW! Beautiful Animal Dave! Looks like home for me in the background, makes me miss it even more.

Have a great hunt, enjoy, shoot straight and play safe... Would like to hear about both the whitetails and the wolfs when you get back..


It was a little one for up there, on a 5 pound incremented scale it weighed in between 220 and 225 field dressed. I thought it was a whopper too but I'm told it was nothing to get excited about, they're beginning to get big at 300 pounds.


Thanks, I'll let you all know how it goes.
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