Off to Canada for a Whitetail hunt

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
I'm leaving for a Trophy Whitetail hunt in Alberta tomorrow morning. I've been calling to check on the scouting missions and have been told there have been sightings of 12 to 15 'book' class bucks inside 5 miles of the camp, one reportedly is a 200 incher with 3 drop tines! Some of you may recall that I was up there this last Spring and decided to deer hunt based on some pictures and the shed antlers we found while bear hunting.

I'm taking my new 338 RUM and using the 300 grain Sierra MatchKing, this gun is good for out to 1000 yards easily.

I'm staying at the main house and we have internet capability so I'll update on the hunt while I'm there (time willing).
Good luck, Doc. We're looking forward to pictures! I visited Frank Bullard here in Cumberland County, NC yesterday. He's got some great acreage, whitetails, and a few Black bears on his dad's farm that backs up on some other, bigger woods. I hope to shoot at least one big whitetail before the end of season.

Where are you going to be in Alberta?

As you probably remember, I live in Calgary. Send me an email or look me up if you have the time. There are no other Cronhelm's in Alberta so I should be fairly easy to find.


PS I found a local spot that should give me a decent chance at a shot from 800-1200yds on a deer next winter.
Hurry up with an update, Dave! The suspense is killing me. Or maybe it's the envy......Just tell us something soon! Jim r
Whew! What a drive!!

Sorry I couldn't make it to your place Ian, things got real hectic and hurried at the end of the hunt.

Peter, I didn't get any opportunity to read the LRH forums until I got home and missed a call on you too.

I'll post a little update and try to get a long story posted soon as I catch up on some work.

My hunting partner and I drove up to Ron Nemetchek's place, it's 2700 miles ONE WAY, nearly 6000 miles total when all is said and done, the weather was fine and we only endured a little driving snow near the Sask. Alta. border on the Yellowhead. The trip back was delayed due to last minute changes in my partner's hunting plan and a unlucky moose on a short fill-in moose hunt.

The hunt and drive were real eye openers. We'd never hunted in the 'bush' before and were constantly delighted by the variety and anticts of the various critters. We saw wolves, coyotes, fishers, ermine, moose, whitetail&mule deer, elk and LOTS of squirrels while on stand. The deer seemed oblivious to us as did most other critters, many of the does would come right up to the stand and give us a close examination, from only a few yards. Very refreshing to encounter animals that are seemingly unafraid of humans.

Mike and I discussed on the LONG drive up what we expected as a minimum score deer, we decided that a 160 was reasonable and we would hold for one that size.

I finished the hunt with a 146 7/8 (gross) B&C 8 point whitetail. It has a 20 3/8 inch inside spread and is very dark in color.

I also got a moose the afternoon of the last day, lots of work! (The moose was at the request of many folks back here in Maryland that wanted some meat.)

Mike passed MANY 140 class deer and saw two monsters (more than 170) but the distances were too great for the presented shot (1100 to 1300 yards). We were a little early for the rut and will go back in mid November next hunt (This hunt was NOT a standard scheduled hunt as we were in camp(s) prior to the normal hunters whom generally arrive the 4th of November.) Mike didn't get a deer but is very excited about the next trip and the prospects.

My whitetail was a staggering 174 yards away when shot, the big 338 Ultramag and the 300 Sierra didn't have much trouble with the short flight distance. (From my stand I could glass down a pipeline that extended 1.5 miles in one direction and 1.75 miles in the other.) The meat moose was first spotted at a distance of 1550 yards but went into the bush and I closed the distance to 439 yards before I could see the moose for a shot. I recover the 300 grain Sierra from the off side of the chest cavity, well mushroomed, and will post a picture later.

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Congratulations and welcome back! I thought you had gotten lost. That's a lot of miles.


That 2700 miles was the one-way distance, I drove the entire distance as I enjoy driving BUT I'm thinking I may re-evaluate that and become a non-driver.

We received a FAX while up there that stated some airlines are charging additional fees for antlers and meat and could deny packages if they wish.

I just received a phone call from Charly Culbertson stating that Terry Sommers and Deb Overly have both now gotten their FIRST EVER whitetail deer while at Ron Nemetchek's place (at East Camp). Terry shot a 9 pointer on Monday (it scored 184 gross) and today Deb got one that scored 183. Beginner's luck is a wonderful thing, I'm just wondering what they'll feel like on their next whitetail hunt???

Ron had a few 'Fire Sale' hunt's left, folks that cancelled due to the 9-11 thing. There may be one or two left for this year.

Nice looking buck. Glad to hear the monster drive was worth it.

What WMU were you hunting in?

It sounds like you saw more wildlife in a few days than I have seen in the 5 years I have lived here. Alberta is truly awesome for hunting and shooting.

My boss went into the SE corner of Alberta for non-trophy Antelope and he said there were tons of them there and shots were available out as far as one cared to shoot.

The loaned .338 Mag I had has been reclaimed by its owner for hunting season so I will have to wait to finish doing load workup and long-range testing. I am also getting a handful of 300 gr Sierra's to test as well.

If you are back in Alberta, give me a call. My work number is 640-1110. It is OK to call me in the office as I work for the National Firearms Association so pretty much anything we discuss will be "work related".

Nice buck, Dave! If you don't mind my asking, what kind of price range are we talking about for hunting with this outfitter? I've always dreamed of hunting in that area, and have heard good things about that particular outfitter.

I'm not sure of the price for next year but this year it was in the $4,300USD range (just show up, travel NOT included). Here's the number to his service 800.443.6753 He rents several motels, not rooms mind you but the whole motel and has meals and day lunches taken care of. The stands are heated (if you need or would like heat) and he sometimes has a hunter that prefers to stay in the vehicle(s) (southern area of farm country).

I called him yesterday to get an idea of the success and size. He still has a few hunters around so no success percent yet. So far, his hunters got 9 deer over 170 inches including one 201 inch non-typical.

I'm already negotiating for next year and will opt to go for the late openings and the (hopefully) -30 degree weather.
DAVE: If you drive up there from MD, you could swing right by my house on your way up to Alberta. I live on the IL/WI border, 2 mi south of Beloit, WI. We could split gas and lodging en route, and exchange lies about our shooting exploits. You could also bring your bow and hunt a couple of days in my backyard. Got a 162 P&Y buck there on 10/26/01, and have sighted an even bigger one 3 times in the last week. Non-resident IL bow tags are sold over the counter. Something to think about.

Thanks for the offer, I do believe I'll be going again next year and I've already called Ron about setting things up.
I do go up through Wisconsin and wouldn't mind the company on the trip. I'm originally from Wisconsin and often stop near Eau Claire when traveling through that area. Perhaps I can hook you up with some friends and family in the Eau Claire, Dunn and Buffalo counties areas and you can give that area a good going over (reportedly there are some good bucks in the hills of Buffalo county).

I don't know if Mike will be going again next year, his wife is due to deliver a hunting partner for him in May and I believe he want to spend time with his expanding family.

I'd need to look at my vacation situation before commiting to an archery hunt at your place, I'm always short on leave.

I saw the pictures of your archery buck, great deer... what I can't understand is why you're on the computer and not out trying to get the bigger one you've spotted

I need to stop at Ian's place on the way, if he's around and not on some whirlwind hunting tour, and Peter Cronhelm lives up along the way too.

Some day I need to get up to Alaska, I've been scheduled several times but didn't make the trip. A good friend, Charly Culbertson, guided for Terry Overly of Pioneer Outfitters for years but this last year he decided to guide for Brown Bear in Russia, on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Charly is now all excited about Russia, he says he's never seen so many bears in any one place. I imagine he'll try to get me over there for those bears. (Last time I visited Petropovlosk it was from JUST outside the territorial waters, compliments of the U.S. Navy).
DAVE: I AM trying to get the bigger buck. I saw him at 7:30AM yesterday, 100 yards out chasing a doe, and then again at 4:20PM, only 40 yards out, but in thick stuff. I've tried my Chuck Adams QuadGrunter and my "Can" doe bleat call, but no dice with either. I know it's late in the year for this, but I'm giving serious thought to rattling at him the next time I see him out of range. I've used rattling in Alabama while gun hunting, but have never tried it bow hunting.
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