Norma brass

I can't comment on Norma brass for 300 WM. I use Norma 308 brass for my competition loads. I personnally like Norma brass and will continue to use it. I had 8 loads on the Brass before I annealed the necks.
Got 150 new Norma .300WM brass sitting under my bench... I see no reason not to buy it and shoot it, as Norma has a great reputation, and has been around for a long time.
I shoot Norma 300WM brass. I've had really good luck with it so far. I'm on my 5th reload of my 1st bag of 100pcs with no issues.
I love the Norma brass for my 7-08.

I use Lapua in every other caliber, but this Norma brass I have appears to be every bit as good, so far.

7 loadings in so far, primer pockets still tight and accuracy is superb with it.
I only use Weatherby brass (made by Norma as we all know) in my 300 WBY and I couldn't be happier.I monkeyed with some other brands a bit but the Norma made brass was by far the most consistent and long lasting. On the low extreme I had some Hornady that the primer pockets gave out after 2 reloads and at the other extreme I have some Weatherby that just had its' twentieth firing!
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