Nikon Monarch


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May 9, 2001
Any reports on this scope? I have heard they are actually more cleat than leupold but are they as repeatable in the clicks?
I have a number of Monarchs and they have proven to be reliable scopes. They are extremely bright and sharp and have stood up to some pretty rugged use. In answer to your question, the adjustments are accurate and reliable on the scopes that we use (3-9's, 3.5-10, 2-7).

I only have one with turrets - the 6.5-20 - and it is in 1/8 minute clicks and in truth it does not have enough elevation adjustment for really long shooting unless you use a tapered base. Turrets are very accurate and repeatable. They also have a great looking scope that goes to 15x, has slightly smaller sized turrets that are reasonable for field use.

Monarchs are not tactical scopes but they are very good hunting scopes in my opinion, especially for the money.
I'll agree with Ian here. I've got a 6.5-20X on a groundhog rifle. Like it a lot, and never had a problem with it.
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