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Was wondering if anyone has run into this problem, the Nikon Monarch 6x24 scope is a short scope, mounted on the Howa 1500 the scope is too far forward, need to get it back an inch. any mounts that will fill the application, presently the gun has a 2 pc mount.

I think that Howa uses the same mounts as the Weatherby. Both Leupold and Burris make extension rings that should give you the set-up you need. You should be able to find the on-line at Midway, Cabelas or Brownells. Johnny K.
Chet, No the Howa 1500 uses Remington 700 bases and mounts, I have two Howa 1500's, but can't help you with your current problem.

I have a 1500 in .308 and mounted a Farrell base with Leupold QRWs. You can move the scope about anywhere you please. Other scopes reguardless of length fit too.
chetc, first of all, you must mean a Nikon Monarch 6x42, not 6x24; Nikon does not make anything as small as you indicated. According to Nikon, the length of the scope is 12.1 inches, and it should fit in the rings on that rifle without a problem.

Do you already have this scope or are you just thinking about buying it? I mounted Nikon 2 piece bases and rings (which I think are made by Leupold for Nikon) on my Howa 1500 and can't see where you would have a problem mounting any popular scope.

If you really meant a Nikin 6x24 scope, that would explain everything.

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chetc, let's clarify what scope you have.

Nikon doesn't make a 6x24. That means a 6x scope with a 24mm objective.

I believe you have either a 6x42 (which means a 6x with 42mm objective), or perhaps you are REALLY confused and are trying to describe the excellent 6.5-20x44 version.

Sounds like you should switch to a one-piece Weaver style base, and of course Weaver style rings. Note, this does not necessarily mean 'Weaver' brand -- Weaver style and Redfield style rings are now made by many different companies.

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