Howa 1500 Talon .308 Base Rings and Scope

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    May 31, 2011
    Hi everyone,

    the following questions have probably been asked zillions of times but I had hard time finding answers in the forum, so here I am.
    ok, my new rifle is a Howa 1500 Talon Varminter with a #6 contour 24in barrel chambered in .308W. It came with a packaged scope/rings/base that I do not care very much for. Scope is a Nikko Stirling Nighteater 4-16x44 that will find his way right away on one of my .22 as the rifle is a little too nice for the scope quality. Rings are also Nikko and really ugly. The base is a -guess what: Nikko!- picatinny style that I do not think fir very well the rifle lines.
    SO! The scope is going to be a Nikkon/Weaver/Millet in the $400 range.
    Would anybody care to give his/her thought regarding base and rings? (and scope while we're at it) I do like Burris for their product quality, finish and looks.
    Shoot away!