need some info on elite 1500


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Jul 31, 2012
N. Utah
I've been looking at Bushnell elite 1500 on my local classifieds for a while now, I've looked at a few but none so far will read 1000+ when I check them out so I pass (one wouldn't read over 500)
My friend has an old version of the elite without arc and he can easily range pinetrees out 1100+ does the arc version not range as well? Or why else would all these ones I have been looking at seem kinda crappy? Im going to look at another tomorrow so some info would be great thanks
I have an a 2005 non-arc model.......... until this year it ranged out to 1350 relatively well, but just recently is struggling past 1050 so maybe they just get tired and then people try to pawn them off on an unsuspecting buyer. I know people are generally good many are not. My hunting partner picked up a new 1200arc that is half the size and ranges real well to 1400 and is less sensitive to my shaking hands. I have no use for the arc feature but am currently deciding between the leica 1600 for 6 bills and bushnell 1200 for 3 bills. The latest large bushnell is called a 1600 and supposed to be real good but it is not on my short list. You might compare the 1200 if you get the chance.
How well a rangefinder works depends on what type object you're trying to range. Of course reflective targets are what the factories advertise as the maximum range of the rangefinder but I don't usually shoot road signs so I don't pay much attention to advertisements.

I had a Bushnell 1500 Elite w/ARC until recently when I sold it to a friend to get the money to buy a Leica 1600 when they went on clearance at Cablea's. I used it for hunting deer and varmints for 3-4 years. It would range a deer's body out to 800 yards if I aimed carefully and he was in good light. Past 800 yards I had to range near by dark objects. The best target for around 1000 yards was a cedar tree. The uniform dark green worked better than any other type tree. I have ranged to just past 1050 yards on a cedar.

If you're wanting to range deer out to 1500 yards, buy the Leica.
I had the elite 1600 ARC and i would get ranges out to 1000yrds but it took a dump last year and won't range past 35oyrds now.

I upgraded to the Leica 1600B and it's fantastic. Was ranging trees our to 1500 yrds no problem. ranges were alway repeatable.
The Bushnell's always seem to degrade as they age. My Elite 1500 worked great for 2 or 3 years and then just quit ranging past 600 yards. A few months after that I was lucky to even get 300 yards. I sold it to a local guy and told him it was an archery or muzzle loader rangefinder because it simply wouldn't range like it should.

If you look them up on the internet, there are a lot of guys that have similar issues; their Bushnell's just quit working. My uncle bought his Leica over 10 years ago and that thing works like the day he bought it. I saved up the coin and bought a Leica and haven't regretted it at all.

In my mind, you're much better off buying a used Leica, even the old LRF 800's than a Bushnell Elite. I hope the Bushnell Fusions last better than their standard RF's or there will be a lot of unhappy customers in 2 or 3 years.
thanks for the infor guys..
i just got one today. its a 1500 arc and will range out to about 1000 on bright trees or cars so far. i am taking your guys advice and will start watching and looking for a leica but i got this one for a good price. and my leupold wouldnt range a deer past 300. so i had to upgrade faster than budget would allow for a leica.

i have a few questions about this 1500 acr. is there a better way to set them up so they are more effective? i have figured out the brust mode, bullseye mode, but when i go into the "setup" it gives me options A-H or reg. what does this mean? i didnt get the manual when i got it but i looked on the manual on bushnell websight and it doesnt say anything about the setup mode
A-H are ballistics profiles and then it will give you a holdover in inches after the range. If I remember right, my unit came with a CD that gave more info, but I don't have it anymore to help you out. If you call Bushnell they could probably help you out.
I have had the Arc 1500 for just over a year and can get reliable readings out to 1100 on flat sided walls and heavy brush. I have ranged whitetails at 865 with 4 consecutive readings. It's a good investment
If the a-h is only for a guessed bullet drop then that's no use to me to fine tune it, but that's good to know.
So there isn't any other options of adjustment besides the brush and bullseye modes that help the actual ranging?

How about the arc? As far as I can tell it only gives one range so is that the arc range every time?
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