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Feb 18, 2008
Does the Nightforce software for a PDA give drop charts in mil, or just MOA only ?
Can't seem to figure out how to switch to mil on my Dell Axim PDA with Nightforce software.
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Re: Nightforce PDA software

Go into options at the bottom of the screen and then edit sight adjustment specs. Now you can change to anything you want.
Re: Nightforce PDA software

Got it.
So I assume I also need to change the click increments to 1/10th ?
Re: Nightforce PDA software

Since this is my post, I thought I would add another question. My battery life on my PDA is not very good.
It also bleeds down to a dead battery over time.
Do any of you have that problem, and what have you done about it ?
The axim has poor battery life comparatively speaking and naturally it gets worse the colder it gets

How long does it take to bleed down?

Have you turned off all the wifi stuff and set the light duration etc to only what you need? Do you turn it off when you are through?

I keep a spare battery charged up.
I think I have everything turned off. I bought it strictly to run my Nightforce ballistics, and use it for nothing else.
On a fully charged battery it will last a couple of days with no use, just bleeds down on its own.
I think I need to change my PDA systemfor the coming year, as this setup will not last me long if I am up in the mountains.
I am going to see if I can buy bigger batteries for it that will last longer, or look at a different type of setup.
Battery life on a PDA sucks. I bought a spare battery and only have the PDA turned on when I have to.

To save battery life. When you get to your hunting spot, punch in the atmospherics etc, and run up a new drop table. Then turn off the PDA without changing screens.

When you turn the PDA back on it should still have the drop table displayed. So long as slope angle is not an issue, it is then just a quick scroll down the table to get the drop data you need for the shot.

If slope angle is in play then you will have to calculate a new solution.
That is exactly what I do. I just wish I could get a better set up for battery life.
I have been spending some time here lately to work on ranging with the reticle, as a backup if I loose electronics. But certainly not as accurate at distance as using LRF /PDA/ Kestral.
I need to find a better way for battery life on a PDA.
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