NightForce NP-1RR

I agree , if I figure this right 1 mark 5moa @ 400 yds = 20 inches approx.
I am not sure the people at Nightforce use these scopes. And I still can not figure out why all the scope manufactures don't etch yardages numbers in the reticles like Zeiss rapid Z scopes. A simple process. Anyone know why they don't...........................................

I don't understand the whole "etch yardages" thing. What, exactly, is it?
My guess is that not all rifles have same ballistics and the yardage marks on the scope such as the rapid z are best guess or approximate, where if you have MOA marks you can use them accuratly when you know what the bullet coefficient of you bullit is and the muzzle velosity you can accurately crank up the elevation for the drop of your bullet. That is what I do with my NPR-1 and its dead on out to 1200 yds. (farthest ive shot with it)Dwightgun)
The numbering system in many reticles is just a reference point for the user. Some are designated for yardages for some avg. velocity/BC groupings and others (such as Darrell Holland's ART reticles) are designed to note MOA or mil locations. One of my favorite LR reticles is the Pride-Fowler Rapid Reticles like this one set up for a 22 Long Rifle trajectory--


But i used it on an AR-15 high velocity load. Once i got the MOA stats on the reticle it was easy to adapt it to the trajectory of the load i was using. A description of the system is in this article right here--

Long Range Coyotes: A Custom AR-15 And The Little Scope That Could

PFI was originally using the 100,200,300, etc. markings in their reticles. Jacob Gottfredson wrote an article in PS magazine and suggested that they just use 1,2,3 etc. to allow the user to just use it as a general reference # (for hundred yds. or just as a simple reference #). That was a smart decision.

Instead of marking the MOA points in the NP-R1 and 2 reticles, they use a wider line stadia at the 10 MOA point to help with reticle "geography".
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NP-1RR to me is just way to busy, makes my eyes sore. I shoot alot of paper (where distance is known) so I'm more accustomed to CH recticles but for as you mentioned hunting I prefer the NP-R1.
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