Anyone use the Nightforce NP-1RR reticle?


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Jul 1, 2008

I just discovered this reticle browsing the Nightforce website. This looks intriguing. Has anyone used this reticle? How does it work?

Several people on here have it. Some by retrofit and some bought new. I've yet to hear one that doesn't like it.

Search would get you some of the threads but maybe some will chime in here.
I opted for the 1RR and don't have the "busy" issue as others. while I havn't hunted with it I have ranged deer at distance accurately and quicky.

My .02

I have six of them really like them. We don't have the option of using PDAs ect due to having to make quick decisions on to shoot or not and then aim for the correct impact point at said yardage. It really makes quick shots easy. If we has all day to decide to shoot and to figure out the hold and then play with the knobs we would have probably gone with the R1 or R2. But since we have to be fast AND accurate, the 1RR is for us.

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