Ranging elk with a Nightforce NP-1RR?


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Mar 17, 2002
I have a 8x32 Nightforce scope with the NP-1RR reticle and was wondering what power I should use to range elk. The reticle is set up for deer with 18" spacing at 22 power. How big would an elk be form back to brisket?
Hey Eric-- if that reticle is in the 2nd focal plane-- u should be able to use an inversely proportional formula to calculate the magnification necessary to adjust the subtension to whatever u want, remember as magnification DECREASES reticle subtension INCREASES, i.e. inversely proportional--for your NPRR-- 18"/size of target (24")= x mag./22X-- 18x22=24xX = 16.5, i.e. set the scope to 16.5X for a 24" subtension. Better check it tho-- sometimes ocular mag. isn't calibrated perfectly.

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Tried ranging w/mil dot last year. Was pretty cocky/confident. Then I got the LRF. My reticle ranging was good out to a couple of hundred yard (where ya don't need to know) beyond 300 yards I was off some times as much as 100 yds.

I practiced a bunch but never got there. Now the Mil-dot does the hold over thing while the LRF determines the range. Works super well.

Just a couple of cents worth.
I was thinking it would be around 16x. That would be nice I could use 32x and range at 1/2 what the reticule in calibrated on elk I will have a couple range finders 1 Wild and 2 LRFs on the hunt. I am just interested in how accurate the nightforce reticule is.

Image is of a 4' gong at 1688 yards at 32x


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Eric-- how'd u get that pic thru the scope so perfect??Any special photo equipment for it??

Reworking the equation then gives 18/X" @ 32X= 32/22 == 12.4" @ 32X, and of course doubled gives 25".

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Crowmag, when is your hunt?
I`m going on a longrange elk hunt my self during the 2nd hunt in Oct.(16-24). And am also using the same scope as you. Would be interesting to know what ever you find out about ranging an elk with it if something else comes up besides what is already posted. Would also like to know how things turn out on your hunt.

thanks, Warren
I am goind to be in Colarado the 2nd season also. I am getting conflicting measurements from 26" to 36" not sure how big the Elk are.

Call the nightforce guys and ask them. They can give you exact references for power settings for sizes your requesting.

I called Nightforce and they said to put a box the size of an elk at 300 yards and bracket it in the scope and turn the power to the spot that works at 300 yards and mark the power ring.
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Hey guys where u gonna be hunting-- i live in Pueblo, CO, and i'm going deer hunting in Area 43. Let me know if u pass thru Pueblo. If u have time we can get some coffee together or something-- 719-564-5609.

Hey Eric, let me know how well that bracketing system works out-- my calculations should be right on if the ocular, and subtensions are calibrated properly. I've tested some of those ranging calculations, and they're usually real close if not right on, on some signs at various distances out in front of my house.
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