NP-1RR or NP-R2 reticle?


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Sep 25, 2002
I will be using this rig for a good deal of long range hunting, and eventually maybe some benchrest. I have taken both types out in the field and focused at various ranges at many different targets. As I was evaluating both types, the np-1rr seemed to make the most sense to me, and I also liked being able to range a whitetail with the circles. Before I make a mistake, does anyone have any reason why one of these works better that the other, or is it simply a preference issue? Thanks
Hells-bells, son--you know from reading posts on this board the only true way to evaluate anything in ballistics is to have a large sample; therefore, if I've done ma` math right, it looks as if you'll need eight Nightforces. Judas Priest...

Actually, I would like to mention one thing of possible interest to ya`; you briefly mentioned some benchrest possibilites. I'll be honest with you, I have the NP-2DD reticle, and love it [of course, I go by the dial-it-in method, and did not want a lot of optical interference], but for possible benchrest shooting the CH3 and the NP-2DD are worth a look. I think if you work with an alignment stem system, and work on matching a load to the increments on the NP-R2, S1's advice would serve you very well. If it were me choosing, I would choose the NP-R2 over the NP-1RR, but in all honesty, with a little work, all of the above mentioned would lay `em amongst the sweet peas. Best thing for you to do is think analyze, very thoroughly, what your primary objectives will be, and what weaknesses will be most pronounced in conjunction with those objectives; the scope that remedies those weaknesses best is your new bride. Good luck, Partner.

Personally, I like the NP-1RR better. It's more user friendly & faster than mil-dots, but S1 does have a point about extended ranges.

If you use mil dots & the NP-R2 regularly & cross reference your estimations with a laser or optical device, you can get good & stay good. It is definitely a perishable skill. Since I'm not out laying behind a mil dot scope like I used to, the NP-1RR is easier for me....
Thanks guys, now I have to decide what the main purpose of the rifle will be, so I can make an educated decision on which to use. I am going to order a pair of them, and I want to be able to use them for paper and meat. Maybe I should get one of eack,...what do you guys think?
I had the same decision to make a while back. I chose the np1-rr. I will use mine mostly for hunting. The scope should work ok for competition but that is not my primary purpose.
My thinking on choosing this scope is this: For hunting purposes, out to say 500 yards I can use the ranging system and holdover for getting the trigger pulled fast. At these shorter distances things tend to happen fast and getting the shot off quickly very well may be the difference between a hit or no shot at all. I believe the ranging system to be very reliable at these shorter distances.Much more accurate than my guessing.
I have had the opportunity to compare my estimate vs ranging scope vs Wild rangefinder.The scope and the rangefinder said the same thing. My guess was way off. I would have missed the deer by a long way.
Beyond 500 yards things tend to happem more slowly,and more precision is needed. So I bring out the laser or Wild rangefinder and a drop chart.Click the scope and take the shot when I am comfortable with it.
Hope this helps. Just my $.02
Cybra and frankg, thanks for your replys. I may just go with one of each reticle, that way I can use the ranging reticle for the closer in, crop damage work, and the R2 for the long range target and/or ranging. This way, I can either use them for different purposes, or have the reticle of one, changed to the one which works the best for me, once I have established what my main use for each rifle will be.

Thanks to all of you for your help and experience,

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