next 6mm varmint chambering?


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Jul 17, 2001
Walla Walla, WA
I am thinking about my next long range varmint barrel. Presently I have a 243 Winchester. I did have a 6-284 barrel on this action but I think that I probably want something in between the 243 and the 6-284 in velocity. The 243 is said to burn throats faster than it should based on its powder capacity due to its short neck and the 6-284 burns throats due to its large powder capacity to bore diameter. So I am considering the 6mm Remington or the 6mm Rem Ackley Improved or most recently I have been thinking about the 6.5x55 Swede necked down to 6mm. Possibly I would improve it to the Vais version. One of the major advantages I see of the Swede is that Lapua makes brass for that case.

So I have a couple questions about the Swede and the Vais version. What is the case capacity of the Swede and how much larger is the Vais version? Is the Swede larger than the 6mm Rem? What velocities could I expect from the Swede necked down to 6mm shooting the 107 Sierra from a 26” barrel? How about if I did the Vais version?

I wonder also if any of you have had any luck getting equally excellent accuracy with reduced loads as with full charge loads. I could take the Lapua 6.5-284 case and neck it down to 6mm and then load it to a velocity level in between the 6-284 and the 243 Winchester but I have usually gotten best accuracy at max safe velocities. Thanks, Rufous.


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Aug 28, 2002

Will the .243 Improved (Ackley??) function as a repeater in a model 7 action?


Sheldon.... Never built one on a mod. 7, but I can not think of a reason why it would not work. Work in 700's, done that, work in AR-10's, done that. If it is a question of overall length, my reamer is set up to set a 95 Berger at 2.780", Sierra 107 at 2.790, and a 105 A-max at 2.775"

I like to blueprint the rails and radius and polish the feed ramp with most actions anyway. It really is not hard to make something work properly with a small amount of effort.

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