New Scope for LR rig

Kiwi Greg

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Nov 14, 2008
Nelson, New Zealand
Hi Guys i'm looking for some help.
I have a custom LR rifle in 416 Barrett.
I have a 8.5-25 Mark 4 on it, that I am going to put on my Edge when it's finished, in the next couple of weeks :D
So I need another scope for the 416.
I can get another (cheap on special) Mark 4 or for approx another $800 Kiwi I can get a NSX 5-22 or 8-32 X 56 or IOR 9-36 X 56.
I would love a S&B but the price is obscene.
So I'm not sure which one to get.
Size & weight are not important, the rifle is 30lbs now anyway.
Glass quality & repeatabilty etc are important.
I have a spare VX III LR but it's the old one with the single spring so I'm not sure that its up to the job of dialing a lot.
I want to be able to shoot 1500 plus with this so I'm going to need to see what I'm shooting at.
Thanks for your help, cheers Greg.
Kiwi Greg, even at 30 lbs I'm assuming you have a muzzlebreak on your rifle, if so the concern I would consider is G-forces both pushing backwards and then in an instance pulling forward and a scopes ability to stand up to these forces repeatedly. That being said I personally in my opinion would go with a Nightforce...not saying there aren't other scopes that would stand up to these forces just not all scopes. If I'm understanding your post it doesn't sound like NF is an option and if the Leupold you have on it now has stood up then I'd go with another Leupold. Just my 2 cents.
Yep it has a Barrett brake on it, even without the brake the recoil is manageable (just :D )

I am leaning towards a VX3 long range on the Edge to save weight and as the new ones have twin erector springs it should stand up to dialing.
Also may get a 6.5-20 X 50 because 8.5 maybe a little too higher magnification for low light situations as we can hunt till dark & beyond here depending on the location.
If I do that the Mark 4 will stay on the 416.

Decisions, decisions :D
Kiwi Greg, keep us posted on what you decide and how it works out for you. Man I'll bet that 416 Barrett is impressive when it goes off must have one h___ of a muzzleblastgun)
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