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Oct 13, 2009
First time user to Long Range Hunting Forum.. Can someone mentor me in long range loads for 300win mag with Thompson Center 28" fluted barrel. I live and hunt elk in CO and I reload. Different powders for longer barrel? Suggestions on bullet size and powder combos. FPS? I've had luck with 165 balistic tips at about 3100.. Any and all suggestions would help. Thompson has only had trigger lightened. What would be next?
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I can only tell you what works for me.
I have had the best results in my 28" barrel with RE22 and RE25, the difference in velocity between the 2 is substantial, but the accuracy has been almost identical.

I haven't used any bullets lighter than 180gr's, but either powder should work for 165's.

I run Nosler brass, Fed 215 primers and 180gr Accubonds with 81gr's of RE25 for 3200fps+. I get .5MoA @ 600yrds consistently with this combination, or in other words 3" groups with 5 shots.
Same components as above, but with 75gr's of RE22 is also a very accurate load. Velocity runs around 3060fps.

Another very good long range load in my rifle is Nosler brass, Fed 215 primer and 200gr Accubonds with 78.5gr's of RE25 for just a tad under 3100fps. Accuracy is on par with the 180gr load. Same as above, but with 72gr's of RE22 is also another good performer. Velocity is 2980fps.
I also use the same components but with 78gr's of RE25 with the 208gr A-max, accuracy is also up there, but have never found it to be consistent over 600yrds in my rifle due to vertical stringing.
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excellent! thank you for sharing all your field work with me. Should have found you about a year ago.....Now I want to reload instead of go to work....ha ha... ew
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