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Mar 7, 2002
i'm new here and also new to hunting big game at long range but i have been shooting varmints at long range for 30+ years.
i have several varmint rifles and handcannons that are setup for long range varmint sniping but only 1 long range big game rifle, a Winchester 70 300 win mag with 26" Douglas XX barrel. my current pet is a 6.5mmx284 built on a Shilen DGA action with a 28" Shilen 1/7 twist barrel and 36x Leupold BR scope set in a McMillan A3 stock 1/2 moa at 1000yds. longest OSK 1220 yards on a ground hog - 8/26/00
i'm working on a new tool that will be 6.5 Dakota with a 35* shoulder and .300" neck length, it is a Neskia action with a 30" 1/7 Hart barrel, McMillan A3 stock, US Optics 6-30x58 SN-2 scope.
i live in VA on top of a mountian. I love to hunt, shoot and fish.

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Welcome S/L.

Good folks here and sounds like ya got some LR toys. Again, welcome!

Welcome to the site. Just a thought after looking at your projects (nice stuff). Seems like you enjoy the 6.5 cal. A very good choice. However, have you considered the 7mm, 30 or 338?

Since you already have a 6.5-284, getting a bigger case 6.5 probably will not increase your long range performance that much. Larger cal, higher BC bullets will. Compare the 240gr 30cal out of a Rem. ultra Mag (see 300Tomahawk from Darryl Cassel) or even the 7STW with AMax or 180VLD Bergers, and you will see a great improvement in long range performance (past 1500yds).

At present, my toy is a 300Weatherby and I should be able to get close to the mile. With the 240gr 30cal, or 300gr 338cal, distance is only limited by scope elevation.

Enjoy the site and look forward to your posts.

for varmints the 6.5 works real well
my next tool will be a 338x300RUM
built on another Neskia action with a 30" Hart barrel, McMillan A3 stock and 10-40x56 US Optics scope
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