New G7 Rangefinder : Awsome


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Dec 19, 2008
Bit the bullet last week and decided to order the new G7, i was so anxious i had Len send it second day air. At first i had alittle trouble programming it guess i was born in the wrong era, my wife says i have attention def. but what the heck. I took it up this evening to my shooting buddy Loosesniper where we shoot jugs and steel plates from 1060 to 1300. After sending some 300 smk's down range we decided to play witht he new toy and Dustin had it programmed in few minutes with my dats from my edge and 338 Rum. We had a current print out of field conditions from kestal to xbal on both. Low and behold the G7 was perfect of returning my moa data from these ranges comparing to sheet and previous experience of shooting there. As far as regular ranging it out performs my Leica 1600. At my house this afternoon i hit 4 ranges in row from 1100 to 1650 giving me yardage readings the first time. Many times my Leica will hesitate or i will have to do over a few times to get readings. This afternoon i did this i had sun and clouds with sun popping in and out giving difference situations. Then this evening same thing giving first time readings. The only flaw if you could call it is a little bulky but when you dont need all of the other items including a lap top its pretty compact. Me and Dustin was so amazed i asked what will they come up with next. So much technology this is a must for a Lr shooter or hunter. I cant knock the Leica and i will take it out for 3-500 yard hunting but this product is amazing.


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Jun 25, 2009
Bedford PA
When Mike told me he bought the G7 Rangefinder I was excited to try it out. When I first started using it, it seemed a little confusing but after 10-15 min I was able to figure it out since Mike forgot the instructions!
Anyway, to summarize what we both experienced that day was, this little machine is at the top of its class. The ranging was quick and goes a little further than our Leica's and I loved the readout. What amazed me is once the ballistic info was computed the readout matched our charts perfectly. We're using exbal and for this thing to automatically register the altitude, B P and temp blew me away.
If I had the extra funds right now I'd be buying one. Now the only thing that was a little disheartening was that you couldn't get your dope past 1400+ I'm not sure why it stops at that but I guess that's marking strategy. Maybe in the future.