NEW Dichroic reticles anybody?


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Apr 24, 2019
But I thought with Trijicon as in ACOG the low light illum was from tritium and the light pipe was for bright light?
Right, trijicon uses tritium to light up the fiber optic, which is totally different than how the meopta works, I was just using it as an example of the reticle being dimly lit in low light and brighter in bright light. I dont know how the meopta works exactly, but I think the reticle is made differently than usual, so that ambient light reflects off of it or shines through it or something like that over my head. But I'd like to learn more about it if somebody knows.
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Oct 25, 2007
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This was posted on a 'different' website by a person that seems to be affiliated with Meopta:
Sep 19, 2018
Hey everyone; just wanted to add a few thoughts to the discussion. First, we are very excited about this technology and hope you'll keep checking our website as we get closer to January! The most immediate application for this technology is low-light hunting. The current red dichroic reticle changes to an almost Hi-Viz green color in low light, allowing the reticle to be clearly visible to the user long after a standard black reticle would not be seen. Yes, there are illuminated reticles for that as well, but this gives you a visible reticle without the potential for wash-out with a bright center dot. Also, because of the dichroic filtering, different wavelengths of color passing across the green reticle in low light could cause it to change back to red as seen in the still picture on the website. I have not had a chance yet to personally test this reticle out in a hunting or field setting, but from the time I have spent with it I noticed that the reticle changes color against the background of a black bullseye target, so there certainly could be other applications outside of hunting with different color/reticle configurations.

I did notice another post from the same thread (Post #22 from a member named Burdy) that had actual pictures through the scope with different backgrounds shown. You could clearly see the reticle was changing (or just 'appearing') a different color based on the background, to increase the contrast with whatever the background was. That was interesting.

I would like to post the link but don't think that is cool since it is a different forum. Could cut and paste the photos but they aren't mine, so that's not going to happen either. If you want to read the thread and see the pics, try Googling: dichroic reticles erik_meopta_tech
That should get you to the right thread.

You can read more here, too: