New budget - light LR rifle with Pictures.


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Nov 3, 2008
I just put together a new medium to long range rifle package for my son who has only just started working and is on a strickt budget.

The rifle is a Tikka T3 SS Laminate in .338WM and the scope is a Clearidge 2.5-12.5x42 Ultra XP5. Mounts are EGW rail glued down and fitted out with Leupold 30mm rings.

He can update with a ACI/ADI indicator and level when he gets the cash.

We sighted it in at 100 yards with some light loads using 225 gn Hornady SP projectiles to run it in. Cleaning between each shot. He then dialed up 9 MOA and put the next two shots into my 10" steel gong @440 yards. Couldn't wipe the smile off his face.:)


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So what do you think of the quality? Durability? Adjustments? Crisp or kind of sluggish. BTW she looks great.

The scope has so far worked perfect. Good power range for a variety of hunting conditions and ranges, from up close to out to about 700 yards which is about as far as it will be used.

The only problem with the scope was that when I tried to reset the top turret to zero. I found the three little grub screws that hold the turret in place were very, very tight. I thought I might break something getting them loose.

In the end I got them loose and adjusted the scope to zero and replaced the turrets with a bit of grease on the grub screws so that next time they will be easy to get undone.

Nice looking rig. Seems to be a shooter.

I think you'll like the Clearidge, I've had the 4.5 x 22.5 for about a couple years now, still works flawlessly. Couldn't ask for more out of a mid priced scope.

Very nice Topshot! How big is the lad that is shooting the 338 WM?

Those clearage scopes sound very interesitng... keep us posted on how it performs.


The lad is 20 years old. Strong as an Ox. He thinks its the bees knees.

I have a lot of confidence in the Clearidge scope. If it performs well over the next few months then I will get one for one of my other rifles that needs a scope up grade.
There are a few things that I like about this scope ---
It has a good range of powder settings that can handle up close bush hunting at 2.5 power, right out to long range stuff at 12.5 power.
The optics are clear and bright.
It has heaps of eye relief.
It has tactical type, resetable turrets with a 30mm tube.
It is also the only scope that I know of that has Parallax adjustment in a scope that goes down to 2.5 power magnification.
It is light and smaller than the NF NXS type of bigger scopes.
And Oh yeah, it is also well priced for the budget minded shooter.
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Sounds like the "lad" is more than a match for the 338 gun)

I've been checking those Clearidge scopes out. I always thought that the only scope I would own would be a NF, and I still only have one :rolleyes: However, economic realities are setting in and time to adjust the thinking. I've got a 25-06 Sendero and a Sako 300 WSM ( I'm gonna get that thing to shoot yet) that are in need of glass and these Clearidges look like just the ticket. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the duplex reticle. Oh well.

Hope it works well for you...


One other thing... how do you like the EGW rail? How does it compare to the NF if you have one of those?
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I hear you about the duplex reticle.
My son's scope has the Mil Dot reticle but I would prefer a reticle with MOA markings on it like my Nightforce R1 reticle.

The alloy EGW rail is a light weight, well made, quality bit of gear. It came with the smaller metric screws needed for the Tikka action so as well as screwing it down, I also epoxy glued it to the top of the action to ensure it will never move. I could not tell much difference between the EGW rail and the NightForce rail that I have on my .338 Edge except that the 20 MOA NF rail is a heavy bit of steel and the Zero MOA EGW alloy rail is a bit thinner and lighter.

The EGW rail also cost less than half the cost of the NF rail.

Both do the job.
Nice rig and nice shooting. Sounds like your son has a good shooting mentor in you. Never heard of Clearidge but thanks for the info, I'll have to look them up. Sounds like your happy at this point with it. Keep us posted once your ready to give it it's final grade.
I suppose the mil dot would be better than the duplex even though I have MOA clicks. We will have to chat with thiose Clearidge boys...

The EGW rail also cost less than half the cost of the NF rail.

Both do the job.

Yup, I know... $114 vs $40 US dollars to be exact. I could buy a lb of powder and box of bullets for that difference. An EGW will go on my 25-06 and S&W 7mm RM.
Nice looking set up. Are you using factory ammo or reloads? If reloads, whats your favorite load?

Also, why the rail? I have always just done Leupold or Burris mounts. What advantage does the rail have over standard mounts? Not knocking your choice just trying to understand what the rail does... ??

Last question... What does the whole setup weigh?

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