Need help with custom dies for a wildcat


Aug 28, 2009
I have a little dilemma with regard to a custom wildcat my gunsmith is almost done with. It’s an improved version of the 338 RUM. The shoulder is moved forward and a little case taper has been removed. I am going to have Neil Jones build custom dies but he needs brass that has been fired three times. Is there anything I can use to neck-size temporarily so I can get some of the brass run through the gun and sent off for the dies to be made? The fire-formed stuff won't fit into a normal 338 RUM die.

Since you're neck sizing only, you can use any neck bushing die that is larger than the RUM case that will not contact the shoulder. The bushings will allow you to adjust neck tension. You'll probably have to borrow something to suite your needs.
Neil makes one of the best dies sets around.
It should work.

If you can't find one, I have a Neil Jones .330 Baer FL size die with neck bushings that should also work. The .330 Baer is based off the .338-.378 Wby with a 35* shoulder.
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Last time I talked to Neil Jones, he said he could send me a neck sizer until I gothe 3 times fired brass back to him with the sizer, at which time he would make the body sleeve and install it.

Not sure he can do that with the improved wildcat or not. Did he offer?

Neil offered to do that. I have already fireformed 100 rounds one time though and he is still about 4-6 weeks out because of health issues. I am just getting impatient with this new custom gun sitting here that I can't shoot. :D
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Hornady makes a 338 neck sizing die for around $25.00. Might check it out, it's supposed to work for a 338-378 Weatherby and 338 Lapua. It has a 45° shoulder and straight side-walls. It might get you by.
If I'm not mistaken, the Hornady neck sizer dies are straight walled. If you get something in .338, it should work.......Rich
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