need help for reloads in a 223 encore


Jan 5, 2010
southern Illinois
I have been reloading some rounds for the 223 and cant get it shoot very well at 200yds,but at 50 it will group a clover leaf or i started checking every thing i know(which isn't much)to get better accuracy like, lapping the barrel checking the crown ,bigger hinge pin, sanding the frame back a little so it is not tight on the barrel, different bases and ring,new scope. Chanced powders and bullets,and oal.while i was changing the length i got mad and built 5 rounds bigger than the go no go gauge.this makes the round 2.342 oal. It touches the land in the rifle .so i went out and shot it AT 50 yds same TIGHT group then i moved to 200 shot for a group on PIECE OF 4x4 card board it was low but a 2 1/4 in. Group.So i backed it off to 2.338 and tryed that and it was terriable 6" group at 200 yds. So i know the bullet is not suposed to tougch the riflings but why does it shoot so much better when it does.oh and their has been 210 rounds though the gun plus 5 touching the rifling.any help is greatly accepted and appreciated.
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The gun has 1 in 12 twist and im shooting 55 hornady vmax .but i have tried 45,50,60,in vmax and 45,52 62,in bthp all by different makers.i am using the 55 grain vmax with it touching the rifling's and that is what worked the best.
I use the same bullet I use the moly coated ones
I load 25.5 gr varget with a 2.265 O.A.L.(which gives me about .020 jump)
Becarefull with this load if you try it
I loaded it up as we allway do middle of the range on the load chart then I looked at another chart and it said this is a compressed load.
It shoot great out of the ruger with no signs of pressure so I stayed with it.
I think you are going to find that it has something to do with your die adjustment or possibly the brass you are using combined with the bree bore in you barrel. My factory 22-250 barrel has an enormous amount of free bore. Using a Lee Factory Crimp die can sometimes make up for the generous free bore of the factory encore barrel. It just sounds a bit like you have inconsistent grip on the bullet.

Good luck.

Give RL 10x a try. I shoot 24.2 grains with a Hornady Vmax 50 grain bullet. My last 5 shot groups at 100 yd. were .322 .691 .740 .640 .357 from a Remington LSS Varmint rifle. Velocity is 3380. I also get super results in my .222, and .224 Weatherby with VVN133. I am going to try it next in my .223. Give these a try, have worked good for me.
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