need a new 22-250

John Baer

Sep 2, 2002
I'm looking for a 22-250 that will shoot a nosler 60gr partition at 1moa. Dose anyone know any custom gunsmiths that sell NIB very accurate rifles? any inf appreciated. John
Ummm... most factory heavy barrel varmint rifles will shoot 1 MOA w/ about anything btwn 40-60gr. Many will shoot much smaller groups w/ a small amount of tuning of trigger, loads, and shooter.

I wouldn't worry about the MOA requirement, most will easily do that. I am more concerned what spin rate you would need for a 60 grain bullet. I shoot 55 grain Winchester Balistic tips in my Rem with no problem but I don't know if the 1 in 12" twist would be fast enough for the heavier/longer bullets. I khow that the 223 goes to 1 in 8" to shoot the 68-80 grain bullets but they don't have the velocity the 22-250 has either. Sorry I can't help more.
Thanks for the replys. I have shot a 52gr hollow point and 55 gr with excelent results. I needed to go to the 60 grain partition as I needed a tough bullet for my daughter to hunt with. I have tried Imr 4895, Varget and RL-15 and cant get under 4" at 100yd. With the 52 and 55 grain I've chased animals for hours not wanting a hit animal to get away. I guess what I need to know is the twist, barrell length req. to stabilize the bullet. Thanks and any other info appreciated. John
If you have a 300WM or WSM you might try some sabboted loads. My brother has been shooting some 52gr V-Max loads in his WSM at over 4800fps around an inch at 100 yards lately. Don't quote me but I think he said 80 some grains of W748 is what he was using and they almost went 4900 fps at the top.

Just a thought.
I borrowed a friends tikka 22-250 and my ruger m77 22-250. I almost put bullets in the same hole at 100yds using a 55 gr bullet. The 60 grain bullet had a moa 2-4 inches at 100yd regardless of powder. I'm not sure what the tikka twist rate is but I think the rugger is 1/14.

Are there any Manufacters that make a reasonable wt 22-250 with a twist rate 1/8-1/10 out of the box??? thanks for the info
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