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Sep 26, 2012
Hi everyone. I am obviously new to this site, but I have tried to do my research before posting. I do a lot of longer range shooting, 300 to 600 yards, and would love to buy a 22-250 with a heavy barrel or bull barrel. I will primarily be punching paper with it, although I would also be using it for some small game/ coyote hunting.

I have been looking around at all different brands of rifles, but can not seem to get a good answer on what would best fit my application. I have never been a big fan of the synthetic stocks, always preferred the feel of a wooden stock. With that being said, after handling the TC venture predator, I liked how it felt, only was not happy with the sporter barrel. I liked shooting the Tika as well, but with a 14 twist, I wasn't sure if it would be able to do what I wanted.

I was hoping to get some more knowledge in the area, or maybe someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you very much.
a 14 twist should let you shoot bullets up to 60 grains. a 12 twist will gaurantee you can shoot 60 grn bullets and should even be good to go with the 69's. Probably need a 8 to 10 twist for the 75's.

I've owned 3 22-250's. In my experience, they are capable of excellent precision with the proper load shot out of a varmint coutour barrel. Most recent is currently getting re-barreled in 22-250 Ackley, because it finally got shot out.

Standard 22-250 is good for ~3700'-3800'/sec with 50- 55 grn bullets and a 26" barrel. My VSSF is doing ~3750 with 55 Bergers and was shooting like so way back when I was doing load development with it. Haven't shot it on paper for years, just coyotes out to around 500 yds.

If you don't have to pack it all day, get the heaviest barrel you're comfortable with. That will allow best precision for paper punching and long range varmints or any other target. Best of Luck in your decision.


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the savage 12 varminter low profile has a laminatedwood stock, heavy varmint barrel and 1-9 twist

that should be one fine shooter right there

i would like to have one in 300 wsm
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