22-250 with heavy bullets


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Jan 4, 2004
Western Colorado
I have a blueprinted 700SA in a McMillan HBR that needs a barrel. I'm considering a 22-250 with a fast twist to shoot heavy bullets. What I hope to accomplish is to shoot PD's and 'chucks out to around the 1k mark. I am also mulling over the .308 or a WSM or 284 based case. So many rounds, so little time...
My vote would probably go for the 6BR with an 8" twist for the 105-107 VLD's.

The WSM's would require some changes to the feed rails and bolt face that would be a problem if you rebarreled to a non-WSM cartridge in the future.

The 284 cases, (6mm or 6.5) would get the job done but would have difficulty with long/heavy bullets in your short action.

Just my 2 cents - VH
.. There's a few of us from GoGoVarmintGo MB that have tried this route.. Great accuracy but unreliable terminal performance past 5-600 yards.. I shot a crow at 491 with mine and it looked like it just squatted down and died.. This was with a 7tw 22-250AI and 80gr Starke's.. The jist being that all the heavy .224's were doing is making little pinholes in varmints at extended ranges.. Theories abound and some proclaim that the ever unstable VLD's "buzz-saw" at contact.. I didn't see that..
.. I myself have resorted to trying something with a little more "frontal area" for LR work on varmints.. Good luck whatever you choose.. d:^) JiNC

Heavy 22 Page

This information is worth every penny you paid for it..
I shoot a 22-250ack imp. with a 8-twist. I was just punching holes in woodchucks with 80 gr. sierra and nosler bullets and then switched to hornady 75 gr. a-max. They are a lot more explosive. I am shooting the a-maxs at3425 fps and have never had a problem with them blowing up. My friend has a 22-250 ack imp. with a 7 twist that blows up all bullets that he tries. Stay with a 8 twist. I have many long range guns and a fast twist 22 with heavy bullets will shoot with them all at 1000yds.
Here is a crow that I shot with a 75gr Nosler B-Tip from a 6mmAI. The shot was taken @ 495yds. Believe it or not, the bullet showed some expansion on this small varmint and took the birds head clean off.

At the time, I was trying to get into the 500yd club and missed by 5yds. Drats.


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I have a custom 22-250 AI built around a Tikka 595 action, 1 in 8 twist heavy Border Barrel, and it is glass bedded into a Mcmillan Sako varmint stock. Glass is Leup 6.5-20 x 50 LR. This comination works really well with 75 grain A-max's and Lapua 69 grainers. I can't say how effective it would be beyond 450 yds as I haven't shot it beyond this distance. Absolute dynamite at anything up to this range.
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