Need a ballpark figure please


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Sep 25, 2012
So, I'm thinking of selling my 375 ruger. If I do, I'll either post it here or on gunbroker. Not sure which. Anyway, this is what I have, and not really sure where to start with on pricing. I could pull some random price out at the sky, but I could end up looking pretty foolish if I did that, so I'm asking for some advice on where to start.
This is what I have.
Ruger 77, 375 ruger, in a McMillan HTG stock in GAP camo pattern. Stock has been pillar bedded, action glass bedded, to include about 3 inches in front of recoil lug, with the remainder of the barrel free floated. I ha vvt e done some polishing and sanding on factory trigger. It breaks pretty cleanly at about 3 1/4 lbs. Actually, it's a pretty decent trigger now. I have 2 scopes. One's a redfield revolution 3-9 accurange, and the other is a weaver super slam dangerous game scope, 1.5-6 power. RCBS 3 die set, full, neck, and seater. I'm guessing at about 150-200 pieces of brass, none of which has ever been loaded hot, some are only once fired. I think I have 2 boxes of nosler, 260 grain accubond, 4 boxes of sierra 250 gr gamekings, and some other random bullets. Overall, I'd say the gun is a conservative 8 out of 10, probably a 9 really. I've shot 2 deer with it, both loaded with 265 grain cast bullets moving at about 1900 fps. I've shot many, many groups of 1" @100, and many of those were less than 1". Not a hundred percent sure I'm going to sell, but leaning that way, lately moreso.
Any advice would be most welcome. Thank you


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