Neck turning

Forster F/L die neck honing - enlargement in .001 increments.


Die on left is a Forster F/L .22-.250 die that has been honed out to .246, right side Forster F/L .243 die honed out to .268

.22-.250 rounds assembled with Forster .22-.250 F/L die honed out to .246

.IMG_0536 (1).JPG

Assembled round, left side, neck measures .249 OD. -- 75 ELDM @ 3200 fps, 7.7 twist, form factor about .91, nice round.
Sized, unloaded round, middle neck measures .246 OD - like as indicated on die - brass annealed
Fired, unsized round, right side, neck measures .254 - brass annealed - .002 to .003 radius expansion from loaded round

Neck wall ~ (.249 - .224) / 2 = real close to .013. No expander button. Similar situation for .243.

Waiting for a honed-out Forster F/L die. I turn necks for the 6mm CM after a single pass over an expander button then use a 6.5 CM die as a body die then size necks with a Lee 6mm CM collet die having a .262 mandrel.
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