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Dec 24, 2001
Potters Hill, NC
I have developed a need to start neck turning some Norma .300RUM brass as I'm necking that down for my .270 Allen Magnum. I tried my buddies Hornady neck turning tool but that was a bust. It's not long enough to fit the case in there without having to take the machine apart each time.
I googled the subject last night and got several hits but ventured off in to left field (big bucks in Iowa!). Anyone have any experience in this area with neck turners that will accomadate the RUM cases?
I have this and I've used it on stuff as small as 22-250 and .243 up to 300 Rum and 28 Nosler. I use an inexpensive set of steel feeler gauges to set my thickness. It's kept me within .0005" of what I want.

kandm tools are very good
the case holder can be driven by power, and the cutter has a large alum body to hold onto and makes a good heat sink.
cut in 2 steps the final should be .0005 or so.
fl size and trim to length first.
while the k & m are cadillacs, don neilson's pumpkin is the Mercedes benz...just not made any more.
measure neck thickness by seating a bullet, measuring the od and subtracting ACTUAL bullet dia.
measure the bullet at the base, then seat and measure od, subtract bullet dia, divide by 2
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