Neck turning


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Sep 26, 2008
Which is the correct way to turn necks? New brass thats been full length sized or fired brass thats been run through a full length die
I've done it both ways . it doesn't seem to matter from what I could tell . if it's a tight neck chamber you'll have to turn first . if it's fired brass , size at least the neck . run the required expander in the neck , then turn it . new brass , you'll need to use the expander , then turn .
the rifle , its chamber and potential generally determines what one does.
before firing is a general guideline.
I'd avoid turning necks if there is not a specific reason for doing so.

The important thing is to run the expander plug through so the mandrel on the turner has a good fit. I have a 243AI with a tight neck, so firing before turning wasn't even an option. If you know your chamber neck diameter, subtract bullet diameter and desired clearance. Divide the result by 2 and that's your desired neck thickness.

Turning virgin brass and cutting just into the shoulder worked well. I did, however, after several firings, run the expander plug through and turn the necks again just at the base to remove a bit of brass which moved up as the case changed shape to fit the chamber during the AI'ing process.

If I had the option of firing the brass prior to turning that's not a bad idea. It would get the case closer to actual chamber dimensions before removing material and make it less likely to need a touch-up job later on.
I’m just wanting to tighten up my groups and I turned a few and it helps. It’s just a saami chamber. Just looking at getting more consistent groups
I've done both. If given the option, I'd prefer to turn prior to firing, and as ATH stated, touching up that neck/shoulder junction periodically.
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