Nautical Binoculars (Range finding with illuminated compass)


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Feb 26, 2003
So I was going by one of my buddies the other day and noticed that he had some binoculars laying out. Picked them up and looked out the window. To my surprise I find that there is a range finding reticle in them and also an illuminated compass. I guess they are made for sailing, this guy could be Popeyes brother.

I was thinking that they may make decent hunting binoculars.

Has anyone else seen binoculars with a reticle, preferably MIL-DOT?

I have seen spotting scopes with MIL-DOT reticles, but never binoculars. Hard to carry binoculars, the range finder, and the spotting scope all at the same time ...

Guess I could ditch the range finder and just use the MIL-DOTs in the scope.

Are those new binoculars with the range finder built-in any good?

Opinions ...



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Jun 30, 2002

The binoculars were prob Steiners.Have a look at

They probably do a reticle binocular without the compass as well.

IOR also do rangefinding binoculars as well.
See them at

The reticles on binoculars are usually of lower resolution than on scopes. Perhaps 5 Mil between marks rathar than the traditional 1 Mil on scopes.



Brown Dog

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Sep 26, 2003
Any manufacturer of binos for the any of the world's military should be able to put mil graticules in their products.

Used to have a pair of zeiss 8x30 for which I special ordered this option for use at work.

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