My thanks giving texas muledeer

jeff 300

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Mar 27, 2005
corpus christi,tx


The buck scored 184 3/8 i shot it with my 338 edge that Kirby built.the shot was only a 150yrds. we saw one after i shot this one that was at least 8-10" wider and every thing my buck is. o well next year our ranch hand found sheds that had double drops and 14 points n around 28-30" wide. we have owned the ranch for 4 years its 31,000 when we bought it it had no water on it at all we have fixed the water system up and now have over 50 water troughs over the ranch and a crap load of water lines to check all the time. the only thing we have feed is 20 500# alfalfa bales the last two years.
great buck! The terrain looks like it is in the panhandle?

Nope over by marfa- fort davis, tx but have a ranch on the canadian river up that way as well.
It's the canadian river ranch 71,059ac there is some really great white tail n mulelys n even some elk on it. i just haven't been lucky enought to get to hunt on it as it's leased out for the hunting as of know.
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