My 338 Sherman Shortmag


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Apr 20, 2016
BC, Canada
338SS stamp.jpg
Felt really good getting it into my hands today. Thanks very much Rich for all your help. More to come after I get my hands on the dies and start forming brass. I'll be shooting 250 Berger EH, and likely RL 17 but will be experimenting with others. Sooooo excited!!!!
Remington 700 xcrii short action WSM donor fully trued
Bevan King stainless barrel (Canadian quality barrel maker), about a sendero contour, 10 twist finished at 25 1/2"
HS prescision from a Gen 2 mil spec, action and bottom metal bedded
ATRS bottom metal with a WSM Accurate mag
Triggertech special trigger
9 1/4 pounds as it sits
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Nice Matt! Do you know how far you pushed the shoulder back to head space properly?

Hey Rich, Aaron here. I started with once fired 300 saum brass and pushed the shoulder back .066 to feel slight resistance closing the bolt. I then necked up to 338 and turned the neck to 1.626 from the case head. Trimmed to 1.945 prior to cow fireforming. First 15 then 18 grains of trailboss powder and still have rounded shoulders. The first firing will sharpen them up, going to do mild loads while breaking in the barrel and finish forming.