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Jan 28, 2009
Rochester, NY
I'm looking to have a Ruger No 1 converted to a Muzzleloaders, does anyone on here do this or has done it. I'm ready to go as soon as you are.
Bad Bull doesn't want to do them anymore and I think they are over priced on what they do. I'll try Smokeless Muzzleloading but it seems someone out there must do them. They seem like the best conversion possible to me.
Bad Bull doesn't do them anymore. SMI maybe, waiting for a return call or email from them. Typically I don't like to wait too long as it shows poor customer service, imagine when you've laid out the cash and provided the materials being in limbo! I hate that feeling. Anyone on here have a Ruger No. 1 that was converted, some experience. I'm taking a look at the new Redemption ML, maybe that and using Blackhorn 209 will be the ticket. Still want to convert a Ruger No 1., though.
I had one built and used the vari flame II conversion for a breech block and the hornet ejector to kick out the fired case that holds the primer. If you shoot me a PM with a email address I can send you a couple pics.

Hofmeister Custom Shop - Custom Gunsmithing Services

He can build you anything you want. He builds a great picatinny rail for the #1 that will take the

Gunmaking | Gunsmithing | Firearm Restoration | Optics || New England Custom Gun Service, Ltd.

peep site. With the matching front it looks/works very nice. I would also have him fix the trigger while the thing is torn apart.

The work he does is great!
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