Blackhorn 209 Muzzleloading powder


Mar 28, 2012
Roseburg Oregon
I live in Oregon. Muzzleloaders must be open ignition. I am using a CVA Elkhorn In-line 50 Cal. to hunt elk this season. I have heard about Blackhorn 209 powder. I'm looking for some load data. I'm also looking for a bullet, it also must be a conical bullet, I'm thing a 290gr to a 300gr bullet.
Really? Your not allowed to use copper bullets? I know each state is different, and sometimes the regulations get interesting, but that's an odd one. Well, plenty of elk have been killed with cast bullets.
Couple things, you might want to check to make sure your rifle will be able to ignite blackhorn209 because if I remember correctly I don't believe an open ignition will work. You can try it and if it works that is great but I'd use pryodex select as a powder. Other than blackhorn209 the other powders are over rated in. My honest opinion. If I can't use blackhorn209 for some reason I'll use pryodex select it has never failed me and I don't have to deal with a crud ring.

Two, with a 50 cal is use Thompson center maxi ball 370 grain for elk and never look back. Solid bullet and it will penetrate. I'd start with 90 grains by volume pryodex select and work up. Till you find the sweet spot. You don't need to shoot max load and your shoulder will thank you. Placement on any game is better than energy. Now energy is important but if you hit the critter behind the shoulder you'll be good to go. Good luck!
Not a rifle that will shoot BH209 unless modified.

I'd look into the 348gr flat point powerbelt or the 405 flat point. They are study bullets as they do not have the large hollow point. gun)

70-100gr Goex 2f, Triple 7 or Pyrodex RS/SELECT.

Swab between shots.
If you go to any muzzleloader forums and ask anything about the power belts you will most like be laughed off the forum. 75-90% of the people who have shot them have had terrible experiences with power belts. They are a below quality mass produced bullet and show it in performance. I've witnessed first hand how bad they really are and WAY over priced.

If you don't believe me read this review

Powerbelt Bullets

If your looking for a conical is look at Thor or the maxi ball for elk. I wouldn't want to risk wounding game with the power belt. I'd rather shoot a round ball the power belt.
If you shoot BH209 in a CVA you will need the BH209 breechplug from CVA to ignite the charge reliably. I have one for mine and it works great.
They have them at
wakeman bashes anything made or owned by cva. If you try to take his side and try tomake him look good, you'll get laughed out of any respectable forum PERIOD. :D

We've been having excellent luck with the Aerolites last year, this year and now the Platinums for this year. All deer shot as well as the elk my dad got, were one shot kills.

Just got a buck on Oct 2nd with the Platinum and the exit would was a golf ball size hole at 70 yards.

Maybe its the thinner new mexico and colorado air that helps them do what they are supposed to do?
... If you try to take his side and try to make him look good, you'll get laughed out of any respectable forum PERIOD......... :D

There may be a few things to disagree with but, there's no disagreement about that "writer". He's made his living writing and promoting products that are given to him to promote. His reviews can be very misleading and flat out wrong in some cases. He'll argue and debate things he has no knowledge of, just to promote another product. If he asks for a product to review and is refused, he then goes on a campaign to bash it. Now I'm not implying everything that he has written is wrong, but he's lost the respect of many people over the years, certainly with seasoned muzzleloaders and rifle builders. CVA did have problems at one time and they are documented. One has to "read between his lines"............
He may be promoting things and he may be bashing things to serve his cause. You can continue to shoot the power belts hornets their are better bullets out on the market than the power belts. Pretty much every bullet on the market are better than the power belt. I wouldn't recommend them to any one. They are way over priced for what they are and have way too many reports of not doing what they intended to do, kill game.

You can say what you want about the power belt however if you do any research on the web at other muzzleloader sites you will see and hear how bad they really are.

Yes Randy wakeman is a tool but his review on the power belt is spot on. Along with many others voice the same issues he mentions.
If you need a conical. Look at PR bullets. They have a whole line of conicals that are especially made for states like that.

I tried Power belts and the reports are true despite what the power belt cultists preach. Do not waste your time or money on anyone of the except maybe the Platinum. That is the only one that has any decent reports.

Lot better bullets that have proven better results so why risk it.
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