"Moly" coated bullets

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    Mar 14, 2003
    Once again I need to trust the experience from the shooters on this site.

    In practical experience, do the moly coated bullets offer a seeable benefit over their non-coated counter parts? I just recently purchased 4 boxes of 162gr AMAX for my 7MM WSM only to find out just recently that they also come moly coated as well. I won't feel that I can completely know that I have exhausted the limits of this bullet, if the "molies" are better.

    Just got my gun back from the smith and went straight to the range to try out the trigger job he did. What a differnce!

    This weekend I'll be running my first handloads through it. Using H1000 and H4350 to start. Now if I would be contented with these non molies!!! [​IMG]

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    Mar 12, 2003
    Tom, I read an article in Shooting Times I think it was where they delved into this subject of moly vs. nonmoly, shooting a highly accurate rifle they found out that there was absolutely no difference in accuracy, talked to Rich Machholz at Sierra about molies and he said he don't believe in them, don't need them he told me. just my .02 Take care, Jay [​IMG]
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    I tested Moly bullets when they were the IN thing and only found noticible benefits in my .223 REM varmint ammo(more shots between cleanings). No benefits in the LR guns, because I don't have a high enough volume of fire to justify needing to clean the rifle less. I also like the fact that my cold, clean bore shot falls within the group without the coatings, and that just doesn't usually happen with moly, you have to "foul" the barrel to get consistent accuracy. Don't feel cheated because you shoot non-coated bullets.... [​IMG]
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    Jul 27, 2001
    I have used moly bullets for years and can say that there can be a significant improvement in production or rough barrels (military guns). In match barrels, kind of a toss up.

    Because it is so easy to use, I moly my bullets because it has never hurt performance and sometimes helps.

    if you have a match quality lapped barrel, I wouldn't bother for now. Shoot the gun and see what you get. If vel vs load amounts are similar to published data, don't bother. However, if vel is lower or pressure high for the amount of powder used, then moly can have a big help.

    Got a very tight bore match barrel that really came alive with moly bullets. Others were within a 1/2 gr of each other (coated vs non coated) and no difference in performance.

    Some barrels do need to be fouled in order to settle down when using moly. I rarely clean my rifles now and if I do, don't clean to bare metal. I just get rid of the powder and copper layer (yes, the barrels will still copper foul), then stop when the patches go from blue to grey.