Mixing Moly with Copper?

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    Mar 14, 2003
    I was at a Central Pa. gundealer the other day, just to windowshop and pass some time. I decided to pickup a couple boxes of bullets for my 7mm WSM. I got a box of 162 gr AMax in copper and one in Moly. When I went to check out, the owner, who seems to be knowledgeable, ask me if I was planning on shooting them both out of the same gun. I said, yes. He said I was asking for trouble. I said, how come? He said the copper will implant the Moly in the barrel to the point I would be unable to get it out of the barrel and mess it up for both. I said, How do you know this? He said, people at Hart told him. Wishing not to show my ignorance, I said give me two boxes of the copper.

    Now, I am asking for your input. Facts based on experience is best, so if anyone has experience with this please let me know.


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    Jul 27, 2001
    I shoot alot of moly bullets in both production and match barrels. Moly is not permanently imbedded into the barrel. It can be removed if desired. A barrel can shoot both moly and copper bullets but will have the same effect as changing powder types or bullet brands. Point of impact may change and a few fouling shots will be need to settle the barrel to the new environment.

    I shoot moly bullets because they are easy to make and have never shown to hurt performance. In several barrels, mostly production barrels, I have seen very noticeable improvements using moly so I am sticking to this.

    What you can do is use the copper bullets to start and work up loads, etc. Then clean thoroughtly to bare metal and go to the moly bullets. You will have to shoot 2 to 10 bullets to get a nice coating on the barrel. After that, you can begin to work up loads, etc.

    Moly does not stop copper fouling. Moly does not give super vel. What moly does for me is provide a stable barrel that keeps accuracy going for much longer then if uncoated. Also, moly will allow you to reach accepted vel levels in prod. or rough barrels without exceeding pressure limits. That is all it does for me and I am happy with it.