match kings,A-max ,Palma match for game??


Aug 17, 2001
I am intrested in your theory on this I know that thay are inherently more accurete than
other so caled game bullets but even the manufactures do not recemened hunting aplications ...Why.....what should I look for in a hunting bullet for my .300win other
than accuracy?? thank you
I am trying the 162 grain A-Max this year for deer in a pair of 7mm's at 3200 and 3450 fps muzzle velocity. I plan for the terminal velocity to be somewhere between 1700 and 3000 fps. I will not shoot at the higher velocity unless it is a broadside, double-lung shot.
I have shot several deer With 180 gr Match kings and had very good results with them would be afaid to use them again.
I finaly broke down and used the .270cal 135 MK on a broad side shot last year. Before that I was afraid to take anything but head/neck shots. My fears were washed away when I saw the damage done to the animal. It preformed perfectly and left a gaping 2" exir hole. The Muzzle velocity was 3185fps and range was 165 lasered yds.
Attention Len Backus!!!!!!

I was advised against using a-max's on ANY big game as they are supposed to be just another word for a vamint bullet!!! The explode on impact without penetration !!! I have been told this by numerous people.
Last yr I loaded a friend some 178 a max for his 30-06. He had liked the looks of the plastic tip bullet (hadnt seen them before) so I loaded him about 10 rounds. I DIDN'T THINK HE'D HUNT WITH THEM. But the first few shot a great group and he saved the last 5 for Wis deer hunting. He shot two deer broadside behind the shoulder. Neither bullet exited but both deer expired real quick with badly damaged internals. For good old whitetail I think a 178 grainer
on a lung type shot is probably ok. I told him just not to take those tough angles on and I think he will respect that. I certainly wouldn't recomend them for anything tougher than a good old whitetail though after this experience.
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