Magazine Box, Follower and Spring

Doug in Alaska

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May 31, 2009
Wasilla, Alaska
Just got my re-barreled action back. Original was .22-250 Remington, it is now a .22-250 AI. After putting the rifle back together, in an H-S Precision stock, I had problems with feeding .22-250 Remington rounds for fire forming. It appeared that the magazine box wasn't sitting square in the action - perhaps the tab the mounting screw goes through is bent. I swapped the magazine box, follower and spring with the same from my 7mm-08 and all is fine. Is it ok to leave the parts from the 7-08 in this rifle and order replacements for the 7-08? I'm not sure if these are slightly different parts.

Your help is appreciated!
late answer, just went thru this myself. the old mag box probably got "tweaked" during re stock, should be all that needs to be replaced. but the 7-08 stuff is fine in your action as they all seem to interchange.
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