Wyatt's Extended box...what follower?


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Nov 27, 2013
North Dakota
I am going to be using a Wyatt's extended mag box for a new rifle and was wondering what is the best follower to use with it? Will the standard Remington followers work even with it being shorter than the box?

Thanks, Gabe
Remington followers will work, but they work better if you add some length to the front of the follower. This can be done by welding or using JB Weld or epoxy to attach a piece of metal to the Remington follower. I have about .065 clearance from the front of the follower to the magazine box. Gary
Thanks for the reply Gary. Am I correct that no one makes a longer follower to match the extended boxes? I've searched high and low and all I can come up with is the Wyatt's center feed version.
Yep. I don't know that they make anything other than that for those boxes. Always worked fine for me, but there's lots of opinions out there...
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