M995 scope base/ load data 7stw


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Oct 9, 2009
Pottsville, ky
I just traded into a sako m995 in 7stw. First of all does anyone know of a picatinny rail that is made for these. Second I kind of jumped the gun and ordered 200 of the nosler accubond LR in 175 gr. It is coming with 40 pcs of brass. I would like ot get some more if anyone has a line on where to find some. Is h1000 a good lace to start with this bullet/cartridge combo and has anyone done anything with rl33 in this cartridge. Thanks guys. I had a sendero in 7stw when I got out of high school and I have always wanted another one, really looking forward to getting started on this


Dec 29, 2014
I recently got into a 7STW in an M995. I looked high and low for a canted rail for it, and had contacted Near Manufacturing about it. They confirmed that they do make rails for the M995, but your action would need to be drilled and tapped. I have not yet got one, still just using optilocks - but I will be getting the Near rail before next season once the memory of how much money i spent on a long range setup isn't so fresh in the wife's mind.

Im also using H1000, in Rem brass, but Berger bullets. Working well for me so far -- well enough that i'm not searching for another powder.