m91/30 backup gun build


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Dec 23, 2010
Linton, Indiana
Hey guys looking for some help/recommendations for a gun build im wanting to start. I have a mosin nagant 91/30 with a good bore tjat i have been using for a year now as a back up rifle and cheap to shoot toy. Ive killed a couple yotes with it as is but i wouldnt mind making it more shooter friendly and look a little more refined. I know it will never be a sub moa rifle or show piece, i just would like to make it more comfortable,little better looking,and add a scope. So far my plans are to swap out the bulky original stock for a boyds laminate thumbhole, put in a timney trigger!shorten the barrel some, smooth out the poor machining ob the barrel,remove the iron sights and duracoat the metal. I am not wanting to bubba it with all black and rails everywhere, im just wanting a clean looking functional backup rifle. What all would you guys suggest for it and who makes a good non scout style scope mount that isnt ungodly tall
Ive never shot it on paper to see accuracy but i know at 100 yards i can usually go 4 for 4 busting clay pigeons with iron sights. Bout the only times i miss is if i forget to aim a little low. Farthest ive shot with it so far was 300 yards,took 1 shot to figure out where to hold and then busted 3 gallon milk jugs in a row. I know its never gonna be as accurate as my rem 700 but for a gun built in 1942 i cant complain. Been thinking bout reloading for it but didnt know how hard it would be to get brass. If i started reloading for it id probably get a new barrel with a .308 bore instead of. 311 and resize fior the. 308 diameter bullet so i could choose from more components
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