M1A or AR-308

I hope the AR-308 will be more accurate since I'm taking delivery of one very soon.
Once I shoot it I will post the results.
I ordered a Rock River 308 with a 26" varmint barrel a year ago and I hope to get it in the next few weeks.
I have read many post on websites such as Sniperhide.com and they almost all say the AR platform is more accurate. The M1A definately scores high in style points but from what I gather, 1-2 MOA is the norm on most models. I also hear they take quite a bit of tuning to make them consistant in this range. I love my M1A NM but its just for casual range fun. If I wanted to get serious, an AR 10 would be the way to go.
I agree the M1A topped with a scope looks bad a**. But if the AR shoots better I would rather look less, and shoot more. Thanks for the replys.
I would have to vote for the M1A.

To me they are just more dependable and I like the gas system better.

I have the ARs and the M1A and they are both accurate but I still prefer the M1A
and would sell my ARs before parting with my M1A.

Just My opinion.

Own both carried both in the service.

M14 max effective range is 1000 yds

M110 is 800 meters

Tight groups the AR will win every time! but if I had to chose between the 2 the M1A would win every time!

Mine is an Armscorp NM and it shoots 1/2 MOA at 100yds with LC M118 ammo
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