LR muzzleloading tests


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Oct 7, 2003
Lizton, IN
I finally got the bedded Omega grouping well and out to some distance.
I'm shooting the 200gr T/C Shockwave over 110 gr of 777 FFg powder. Gun was modified by fully floating the barrel, installing aluminum pillars, and bedding. This tightened up 100yd groups to about .75".
I zeroed at 200 yards, giving me about 19-20" drop at 300 yards with groups of 2-3" at 300. I calibrated my Leatherwood In-liner scope at these distances. It shoots too flat to calibrate 100-300 as they suggest, so I wanted to try 200-400 instead.
There was a 5-10 mph variable wind blowing as I moved out to 400 yards. I don't know what kind of drop I was getting, except that it was 10" more than what the cam on the scope elevated for. So I was kind of disappointed in the scope. The groups were decent in terms of vertical spread (3-4"), but the horizontal spread due to the wind was worse (8"). Total drift at that distance was 2-2.5 feet.
Not that the bullets have much energy at that range (400-500 ft-lb) but the drift and wind-induced spreading worried me in terms of shooting large game. Maybe with practice I could do better as I wasn't even trying to compensate for anything, but 8" horizontal off the bench translates into bad shooting in the field.
It was really neat reaching out to that far of a target with a ML though. It takes nearly a second for the bullet to reach the target at ML velocities (MV 2215 fps, 400 yd velocity just over 1000). Next time I'm set up to shoot high power at 500 I'll have to try the ML too...but I KNOW my scope doesn't have the adjustment for that kind of drop as most of it is taken up from the barrel contour.
maybe you would know why tc isnt making the shock wave in 45 cal.i have the 45 omega i think il try bedding it if it helps that much it shoots pretty good to have the 1&20 rifling with 225 powerbelts thanks marlow
TC does make the Shockwave in 45, it's a 250 grain bullet. However the BC is significantly lower so I don't use it (but it is accurate in my gun).
You have an Omega with a 1-20 twist? I didn't know they made one! Those twists are very, very hard to find a bullet that shoots well. Long and heavy is all that works. The 200gr Shockwave might work, as might the Precision Rifle 240 and 260 grain .40 Dead Center bullets. The 195 grain .357 is great too if it will shoot for you, but the lead bullets won't go as fast but have a higher BC than the Shockwaves.
The 1-20 twist would be great if we had access to .45-.308 sabots and used some hi-power bullets of higher BC, but I can't find such a sabot.
If you want some bedding suggestions, let me know as I did mine myself and it turned out well. It greatly improved stock fit and consistency of POI after removing the action for cleaning.
thanks ATH i was trying to get in tuch with tc but they wont answer my e mails a couple friends of mine said that tc would change the barrel if i send it back to them it shoots the power belts fine i con hit 2 liter bottles at 250 yrds at will but it wont shoot the sabots at all i guess its the rifling my website is [email protected] ive bedded many center fires is there a trick thanks for any help MARLOW
I have heard mixed messaged about the Ultimate Firearms guns. #1, they are insanely expensive. #2, their claims about velocity and such are just too much for me to believe. If I am going to spent that kind of dough on a muzzleloader, I am going to get a .357 centerfire barrel (ie fast twist), have a breechplug machined, make up some .357-.308 sabots, and shoot Match Kings out of it!
As for bedding a ML, it is a little different. You have a ramrod channel. You must fill this with clay before you bed, then drill out the bedding where the ramrod goes through the lugs. On the Omega, if you are good, you can plan it to get a full bridge of material between the barrel and ramrod. I came close, but some split out as I tried to remove the clay from underneath. Other than that, it is pretty much the same.
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