low budget long range rifle


Jul 23, 2002
i am planning on getting a long range setup, i just don't know which would be the best route to go. i have a win laredo in 7rem mag that i want to rebarrel. i have about 6-700 dollars total for the rifle. with action trueing, a match barrel, and bedding, would this be a good start? anything else? what would be a good caliber, that would work on my action? i can seat the bullets out to about 3.3 inches per my magazine box. i am panning on mostly long range paper shooting, but once i get good enough, maybe a deer or two. thanks for all replys
Go with rebarrel to .334-.336 neck 300 Weatherby if will fit in that length action. Trying to remember if winchester made two different length mag actions. If not go with .334-.336 neck 300 Win mag. Good ballistics with 210s to 240s. Great brass, easy to reload and proven winner with either cartidge, though 240s will be slow in 300 Win Mag. Try for 28-30" HV tapered barrel with muzzle brake.

Skim glass bed on top of bedding block and do trigger job to 1 1/2 - 2 lbs.

All work to include truing actio should be around $700 maybe little more depending on whose muzzle brake.

Good luck.

I rebarreled a Winchester Laredo from 300 Win Mag to 7 STW, all that is needed for the extra length is to remove the block in the magazine or buy a 7 STW/375 Magazine box. I just had them machine out the the block. Works perfectly and ejects just fine.

The barrel work done by Pac-Nor is $440 and includes truing the action and shipping from them. The work done on my rifle was a Blackstar Accumax 2 barrel and a local gunsmith installed it. The only reason I went with this manufacturer was I had won the barrel and the cost of installation in a match. I have had work done by Pac-Nor before and they are top notch. I had Answer Products do the brake. I am very happy with the rifle.

If I could ever figure out how to post pictures on these sites I would but.... I can e-mail you a picture if you wish.

CD- My son in law won the the first 1000 yard match he ever shot in with my factory laredo 7mm rm . he had not shot a center fire rifle before. yours is not shooting good now?? if i did rebarrel i would use a krieger barrel, 7 rem mag, and a vais brake.
I prefer ANSCHUTZ which is considered to be the best 22 Rifle made.Most Olympic world champions and more than 95 % of all biathletes rely on ANSCHUTZ Rifle.

ELORA- what does this have to do with a winchester laredo centerfire rifle?? this goes in rimfirecentral?
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