long range on a budget


Dec 12, 2003
Bothell, Wa.
Hello everyone! I'm new to this sight and finding it a wealth of information.
I am a 7mag freak,but want to take a step up. I thought maybe a .308 warbird in a TRG-S or a Rem. Sendero in 300RUM. The 700 BDL will save me a pound because I am quite mobile,but the heavier rifle will probably help with the recoil and I'm not too crazy about muzzle brakes. I would like to stick with a factory case even though I have 4 machines on my bench and love to reload.
I have read that you do not get the speed out of the Sako's like the Lazzeroni's even though the barrel on the TRG-S is only 1" shorter than a Lazzeroni.(which is out of my price range anyway)
The reloading data on this sight for the 300rum is a bit higher than what I have seen before. The rifle that was used was a sendero and it makes the 300 look quite appealing. (the brass is cheaper too!)
What do you guys think? I've also toyed with the idea of a .338rum. Then top whatever I end up with a Zeiss Conquest 4.5x14 w/mill dots.
I wonder if the slow twist on the Lazz barrels helps them keep pressure down and get better velocities. I assume the TRG-s twist is faster?
Thanks for the reply Len. The article I read that in was shooting times. The test rifles were a 2000 lazz 27" 6 groove 1:12 twist vs TRG-S w/26" 4 groove 1:11.They state that the 4 groove 1:11 seems to be consistantly slower than the 6 g 1:12. Sako uses that barrel because they feel the 4 groove barrel will give a little more barrel life. Sounds to me like I'll be lucky to get 1000 rds out of any of them including the 300rum. Maybe I'll just shoot the barrel out of a 300rum and have it improved. I failed to mention the test was done using a 7mm firebird. You got me thinking where I read that and I started digging and I found it in the sept/oct 2002 s/t. Got stuff spread everywhere lookin.
I've been having fun watching this sight the last couple days, but I'm going to have to take a break for a week. My son is graduating from boot camp at camp Pendelton and I can't miss that. Dave
an article on Lazz chambering show that SAVAGE are not too bad in Lazz caliber ...

SAKO : very costly accesory , hard to get spare parts ...

REM : poor quality , short barrel ( 26 inch ) cost ratio / quality ????

SAVAGE : very strong action , low cost , accurate out of the box , plenty of after market parts to improve and fater market parts are sacle on SAVAGE price

as scope far better use a IOR variable n ZEISS Conquest optic is good as Zeiis but turret quality is ? soft clics abnd don t look strong , other choice is Swaro 4x16

diffrence between Lzz and REM RUM is
exceptthe brass price and realoding die price

good shooting

Thanks DANTEC.I have read many good things about savage and seen them shoot very well at the range. I do not own one. Been very tempted though. I have many remingtons. They all shoot. A couple exceptionally well. I did have to send back my last 223. Very rough chamber. Rem rebarreled it and had it back to me in two weeks. It was a hassle, but they took care of me.
Savage only makes the short action lazz's? Unless something has changed that I don't know about.

I would love to have the swarovski.
I have all the LAZZ cartridge in my collection but I am not really familar with LAZZ product , only thing I check when I start with caliber is powder / bore ratio for case price

the best I have find for long range case is the 300 RUM with shoulder set back to 338 RUM body lenght that allow

enought powder for most commun barrel lenght even if I agrre wilcat on 300 RUM works fine with extr along barrel but under 30 inch 338 RUM water capcity is efficient

case available in quantity and that fine to sort case and prep them

commun bolt face as 300 HH family

not amazing set of die REDDING min 338 RUM modified are fine with Wilson bushing

enjoy to shoot a wilcat

Laaz is design to be a true hunting cartridge as trophy hunt " of your life " as they say in adds
few cartridges even very costly that OK for a hunt but for long range hunting you need to practice a lot and if budget is the word a coktail SAVAGE / RUM wilcat / custom ready to fit barrel from PAC NOR with 27 inch and some spare parts as recoil lug from SSS can esay built a budget rifle and let you save money to purchase a Swaro scope .

good shooting

Sidewinder: Be careful what Sako tells you. I purchased mine in the 1st lot into CANADA in 1993. I have a 4grove and 12 twist. Another member on this forum whom I talk a lot with on the same matter has a 1 in 10 twist. Yes we are talking about the TRGs Model 995 in .338 Lapua. And I also totally enjoy this rifle, and had to build a break for it; just too hard on the shoulder, and very accurate to.
DANTEC:Sounds like a guy could get carried away with a sport like this. I'll probably suffer with the shorter tube for now,but who knows what the future holds. I'd hoped to keep it as simple as possible.Glass bed,float barrel, trigger job. That sort of work for now. Have lots of time for load devolopment. Then if the rifle does'nt shoot well enough...then a new barrel and a few other things. Maybe I'll get lucky and just have to adjust the trigger. That does'nt usually happen to me though.
Thanks again for the input.

Thunder Hunter: I am a little green on shooting with these larger cases. Maybe a day at the range will convince me I need a muzzle brake too.
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