Love my Ruger 96/22 mag lever gun


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Sep 15, 2012
Mojave Desert, Nevada
Yep, Ruger once made a lever action rifle patterned after the Savage 99 action. .22 LR, .22 WMR, .17, and .44 mag pistol cartridge as well. Stock looks like a wood 10/22 stock.

My 96/22 mag now has a Green River octagon barrel and it shoots 3/4" groups at 50 yards with the right ammo. (40 gr. Hornady and Winchester).

It's such a neat little rifle that I'm putting a custom Wenig laminated stock on it to match the Boyd's laminated stock on my .308 Savage 99C.

Eric B.
I know it's an old postpost- but I remember when they came out with those. Think they made it in 22 hornet also. Never got one but I have an old Remington 22mag lever. Don't remember the model but they made it before they 94-22. It's a great shooter also and goes great with my savage 99 308!
I have one in 22lr. Pretty much a 10/22 that is lever operated.
Would be cool if thes had a cartridge counter like the Savage99
Curious to Know what accuracy everyone is getting with the 22 WRM ammo and what brands.

During the summer I decided to build a 22 WMR and try to find out why the 17 HMR shoots so much better. I felt that it was ether the rifles or the ammo so I pulled out all the stops and built a bolt action Anschutz with a custom barrel and every accuracy feature that I know of.

The testing was done at 100 yards, and the wind was on the high side (20 to 25 Mph) so I feel I can do better with the right conditions.

Worst to best accuracy was 1.018 to .434 best accuracy was with 50 grain bullets, And worst was with 30 grain bullets (The wind might be the cause for this). So I was just wondering what everyone was having the best luck with.

Any input is appreciated

SAMMI may have answered My question with their requirements of variances in velocities for their quality. SAMMI requires that the 17 HMR velocity must be within 4 % maximum to minimum velocity swings. The 22 WMR ammo manufactures are held to 10%.o_O

Surely they can do better than that, so all we have to do is find a manufacture that cares and produces more consistent ammo. đź‘Ť

I am also going to start Chronagraphing different brands to try and isolate the good ones from the bad ones. May have to start reloading rim fire again.

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