Good scope for Ruger 10/22?

This is how I stopped my 10-22 from wrecking scopes. Been this way for 20 years or so. That's a piece of tygon tubing with I believe a nail in the center, cant remember that. Last scope that was on it was a simmons and it didn't break. Not suggesting that anybody do the same.


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Unless you are just wanting to spend money, I would stick with the luepold. My father gave me my 10/22 46 years ago topped with a Bushnell banner 4x scope. Still have it today but with a nikon prostaff.
Any recommendations for a scope for Ruger 10/22?

This was my first gun, given to me by my father over 40 years ago. Works well, well-preserved, but we are not talking about a high dollar target rifle.
It has the original trigger, barrel, etc. I do not plan to change anything on it.

Over the years, it has had a Weaver 4X, gotten along with iron sights, and currently, a Tasco 3x9 World Class.

I have Swarovski, Meopta, Leupold and an American made Redfield scopes on my center fire rifles.
Not looking to spend a fortune, but would like something better than the Tasco, a budget scope with only so-so light gathering and image sharpness.

When my daughter was still living at home, I gave her a 10/22, topped with a gold ring Leupold 2 x 7/ 32.
Maybe a different way to ask would be, anything better than the Leupold in the same general price range? It has a noticeably brighter, sharper image than the Tasco.

Mainly use it for plinking. and to keep a chipmunk out of my garden. I live in a rural area where so long as you are careful about your backstop, you can (and people do) shoot on their properties.
The tract 22Fire would be my suggestion but I am a tract supporter so a little biased (though I own several Leupold scopes including the 2-7x33 Rimfire MOA). If you want to take a gamble, the old Redfield and Denver made Burris in either 2-7x or 4x fixed are good bets, I have several older Redfield variables and a Burris fixed 4x all on 10/22’s and I love the Burris.

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