Squirrel scope for .22LR

I have a ruger 10/22 with a simmonds Philippino 1.5x5 whitetail on it, perfect.
I don't pretend to be able to take long shots with it but out to 75 yards it does the business. I use subsonics and a silencer btw and my ruger throws them in whole and spits out the empty every time and all you hear is the click of the hammer and the clunks when the bolt cycles.


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Isaac, generally used for rabbits, we don't hold squirrels in high esteem over here for eating whereas rabbits are great and their heads tend to be a larger target than that of a squirrel. Also have to take great care where our bullets go so up in the air into trees is real bad news.
If I go out specifically for squirrels I take an air rifle with me that is more than accurate enough out to 40 yards and, at this time of the year, also doubles for shooting young woodpigeons and old ones too but they are much more wary. I use a 50 year old springer 22 cal air rifle that does the business. After 20 yards or so it's unusual for a pellet to pass through either squirrel or pigeon so it's that much safer when you hit them, of course I ALWAYS :rolleyes: do that don't I.
I just got a herny golden boy. I am putting a nikon 3x9x40. Planning on using either cb shorts or cb longs. Here squirrels are good eating. I use road killed rabbits for coyotes or bobcat bait. Not alot of rabbits here.
This is my preference. I have them on several Squirrel rifles. It's to bad Burris quit making them. For a newer scope I use a Leupold 6X custom shop scope. They install a fine duplex and set the parallax to whatever distance you want. Mine are at 40yds, although 100' would be ok also.